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NEW PRODUCT: WorldBox New: 1/6 "King of Fighters KOF" - Terry Bogard Collection of movable dolls

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WorldBox: 1/6 ratio "King of Fighters" Terry Bogard Treasures

King of Fighters (famous arcade game of Japan SNK Company)

"King of Fighters" is a famous battle fighting arcade game released on the MVS game board by SNK Corporation of Japan in 1994.
Referred to as "KOF", it is also the name of the world-scale fighting competition held in the plot.

Originally for the company's other two works "Hungry Wolf Legend" series and "Dragon and Tiger's Box 2" in the South Town as the stage of the fighting competition.
[KOF] is the official abbreviation, taken from the first letter of each word, the trademark is registered under the name of SNK company, and China is translated as "King of Emperor".

The trio's game mode is an innovation in the history of combat fighting games.
The story setting of each character in the game is also one of the elements of the population.
Such as the guardian of the three artifacts of the grass, the Beijing, the Eight Gods, the Kagura, the OROCHI, the NESTS and other KOF original characters also have a high popularity,
Every new team composition has changed in the setting of the former competitors, and added new enemies to reflect the great charm of the battle.

The series has been greatly welcomed during the arc of the arcade, and even in mainland China and Hong Kong and Taiwan, it is beyond the high popularity of Capcom's "Street Fighter" series.
In May of this year, the mobile game version of "Fighting of the King of Fighters" was released, and the same charm was still released.

"King of Fighters" Terry 1:6 ratio collector's product features:

Refer to the original engraving head carving to show the side of Terry's perseverance and tough guy.
Enhance the texture of the skin on the basis of balancing the character from the second element to the third element.
The eyeball is like a characterization of the truth, carefully sculpting the layers and texture of the hair.

Each person's exclusive joint resistance is about 30cm high.
3 replaceable left hand include:
a relaxed palm, a pendulum gesture, a clenched fist
3 replaceable right hand include:
a relaxed palm, a pendulum gesture, a clenched fist

Head carving is painted by hand
2 hairstyles, hair ends for the performance of the real use of hair-planting technology, a hat for wearing a hat shape

Clothing style:
A red visor, a white V-neck T-shirt, a gray hooded sweater, a red leather armor, a white five-pointed star, a denim trousers, a black belt, a wolf head belt buckle, a pair of red shoes

a bag with a fist flame piece with a logo theme bracket

Release date: second quarter of 2019

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Founding Father
Another simple but cool set, with kitbashing potential.

I'll be back!
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