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NEW PRODUCT: ACPLAY New: 1/6 ATX046 sexy female secretary costume set - a total of three colors

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Founding Father

ACPLAY 1/6 ATX046 Sexy female secretary suit Three colors
Tops with narrow straps*1
Silk stockings*1
High-heeled shoes*1 pair
Note: The head and body is not included in this suit.
The product is suitable for the TBLeague S10D female seamless body.

#newproduct #ACPlay #SexySecretary #female #clothes

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Founding Father
I am slightly surprised they are reaching so far back in the line-up of Phicen/TBLeague bodies. If I were getting this, I would worry whether the outfits would stain the figures.

I'll be back!
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this set is ok, but that skirt has to go. slacks would have been sexier, and or pantie bottoms...but mainly slacks. maybe someone can make some slacks to go with this.

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