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NEW PRODUCT: SUPER DUCK New: 1/6 COSPLAY Series - Women's Armor Accessories Set (NO: SET039)

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Founding Father
Note: Bodyisnotincluded.
Does not contain body

Recommended with Phicen steel bone big breast wheat pigment body S12D

Product Details :

Head Sculpt x 1
Belt Belt x 1
Top Coat x 1
Pants pants
Sleeve Sleepes x 2
Boots Boots x 1

#newproduct #SuperDuck #Cosplay #Women'sArmorAccessory #movie-inspired #female #Guardian

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Founding Father
Nice set, which will likely make many kitbashers very happy. With this or the complete unlicensed figure, they can add this character to their superhero collection.

I'll be back!
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Interesting, it's good on one side to have multiple productions of the same character, but it's a headache for us then to grab "best" version of each part lol... On this set I appreciate the color of the outfit and general tailoring better than on the other offer, but I prefer the other headsculpt with rooted eyebrows.
I don't find the likeness very good here, and the antennas are a bit weird...

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