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Any recommendations on asian online stores?

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1Any recommendations on asian online stores? Empty Any recommendations on asian online stores? on Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:02 am


Hi, I'm sorry to ask here but I'm trying to find some good and trustworthy online asian (non-japanese) collectibles stores. I've had some great experiences with KGHobby, FigureStation and ToyPanic and can recommend them, but they don't have the figures I want to buy.
For the moment, I'm interested in some Amazing Yamaguchi figures, I was blown away with the posings you can get with those figures.
If you guys have some sugestions on trusted ebay sellers too, I'd appreciate it.

Why am I asking this? Their prices tend to be really good and the shipping cost is considerably lower than US, Canada or european countries... and the risk of being overly-charged with import taxes.

Thanks in advance, guys.


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How about One Sixth Kit? Also, do you mean specific eBay stores/sellers?

I'll be back!


It's not eBay specific, I was including eBay stores/sellers.
And thank you for recommending One Sixth Kit. It's a neat store that I've already bought from them a couple of times and forgot to mention.


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Here are some eBay sellers based in China I’ve purchased from before:


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Any recommendations on asian online stores? TCFITBi

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