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Question regarding PLMB2014-S02 older steel body color

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In regards to the original Tbleague PLMB2014-S02, is this figure still the same color? Or did they update it to the new version of Suntan? I have the old head only when it was parted out, but it doesn't match any other Phicen or newer Tbleague bodies.

If there is a difference, is there a way to tell through ebay photos, box art, isbn, or a upc bar code?

Does the other versions of Suntan (like 2014-06 and PLLB2014-S09) get an update variation?

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It’s been updated to the new suntan. I bought one of those over a year ago, hoping it was the old suntan, and was disappointed. Unfortunately there is no way to know by photos, as they use the old pics mostly. If the box art is shown, and it says TBLeague on it and not Phicen, that’ll tell you that it’s the current suntan, as well.


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Question regarding PLMB2014-S02 older steel body color TCFITBi
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Thanks for the info,Stryker2011, with these slight changes and or upgrades, I get confused.

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The old S02 was my very first Phicen/TBLeague doll. I had the chance to check out the new version a year or so ago. They're definitely different. You can check out my comparison here Smile

Question regarding PLMB2014-S02 older steel body color 16-group1

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Adeno, Thanks, your review is really helpful. Those boxes look like they have the same barcode. Did you purchase at Amazon or ebay?

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Welcome! Not Ebay, back in 2014 I bought the original from Big Bad Toy Store. I don't have the other box anymore so I can't tell if they have the same bar code.

Anyway, currently my original S02 (Belinda) is using a Jiaou Doll 3.0 Wheat body since the original S02 body deteriorated to the point where a lot of big cuts have appeared. Although not perfect, it comes close enough when viewed in person Smile

If I remember correctly, I think I read somewhere in the forum that there will be new Jiaou Doll bodies with different skin tones. Maybe they'll have one that matches the original S02 Tan perfectly.

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