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ANNOUNCEMENT: Hashtags for topics on this forum

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REMINDER: if you want your creations or contributions to be easily searchable by other members, please remember to use hashtags (check out the first post in this topic for details). That allows more consistent results than the regular search function.

I have taken the liberty of adding hashtags to a number of topics that I noticed did not have them, but you cannot expect me to catch everything and plenty has slipped through.

Moreover, we have recently realized that we can only view up to 7 pages of topics (threads), and topics too old to fit within these 7 pages are not accessible through that page view (though they continue to exist). I am exploring solutions for this issue, and will keep you posted. When we "discovered" hashtags, we went through pre-existing topics, so hopefully the ones that would have displayed beyond page 7 are reachable through hashtag and search; also, remember you can find all of your own posts through Profile.

I'll be back!


I use hagtags when I need to find witches in a hurry.


Founding Father
JohnByng wrote:I use hagtags when I need to find witches in a hurry.

Banned for a bad pun.

Just kidding. Razz


He who dies with the most toys wins!

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