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NEW PRODUCT: TBLeague: 1/12 Male Body PH2019-TM01A B 6IN Action Figure F SHFiguart #Suntan

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AlKelAstra91 wrote:I can agree to the statement about the feet being too large, there has been more than one occasion where if I am unable to force a figure's feet into footwear/find a smaller replacement, I end up cutting off the toes to make them fit. lol

Nooo don't do that! At the risk of sounding self-centered, read my reviews. Use feet from other companies. World Box feet work best, ACI are ok too, as are others but you might need to stuff the opening with some material to make a snug fit with the ankle peg. (We're talking 1/6 scale!)

M30 and M31

I'll be back!


Hi, my name is Mish. I came across this platform doing a file
Search looking for new 1/12 TBLeague figures to be released. Thought since there seemed to be a decent amount of activity on here in relation to 1/12 figures I would join.
Sorry if this particular thread is not the right place to introduce myself. I’m having a little trouble navigating through here. Maybe someone can post the “introductions” link.
Anyway, I’m an extreme dollhouse and diorama enthusiast. I’ve collected custom BJD and custom picco Neemos for awhile. I was thrilled when the first 1/12 TBLeague Doll was released. I almost wish I could replace all my dolls with the TBLeague line but I’m very invested in each chatacter
I’m waiting on the 1/12 TBLeague Male Doll. I purchased him from Gianttoy on eBay. I am kind of upset I don’t have him already.
As far as shoes for him my girlfriend purchased a pair of 3D sneakers on eBay. The hole
On the sneakers is too big but she is using a soft hardening puffy to adjust to the ballpoint peg of the TBLeague guy.
The pic attached is her guy. She purchased a new head. I think the head sculpt looks a little large but she didn’t like the head it came with. I tried
To attach a pic. Hopefully it will come through.
Both my girlfriend and I create shoes
Clothing for 1:12 dolls. I hope to be more active here
To share our creations and learn from all here about new
ProductsNEW PRODUCT: TBLeague: 1/12 Male Body PH2019-TM01A B 6IN Action Figure F SHFiguart #Suntan - Page 2 D6359c10


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Welcome aboard, Allies. Nice looking figure and clothes. No worries about the post, but if you’d like to check out the General Section, there is a Global Announcement &Sticky section near the top (after the Forum rules and guidelines), where an introductory section exists.


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NEW PRODUCT: TBLeague: 1/12 Male Body PH2019-TM01A B 6IN Action Figure F SHFiguart #Suntan - Page 2 TCFITBi


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Thanks for sharing the cool in-hand and already customized photos. I, too, am waiting for mine.

I'll be back!

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