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NECA Alien Vs Predator Razor Claws Alien Figure REVIEW

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Sinking in its claws — Here’s a look at the NECA Alien Vs Predator Razor Claws Alien Figure!


Founding Father
"Gorgeous" sculpt, design, and execution -- almost makes me wish I was still collecting them. I love much of the paint scheme, but not the light pinkish parts, which seem out of place to me -- especially but not limited to that unfortunate color transition (or lack thereof) you pointed out. But maybe they are source-accurate, as you mentioned the video-game visual effects matching. The ample employment of the letter Z (and X, for that matter), seems to be a well-established and even older device for alien beings than 80s advertising.

I'll be back!


Thanks as always for watching, GubernatorFan!

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