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NECA Toys Superman Vs Alien SDCC 2019 Exclusive Figure Set REVIEW

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Didn’t want to resort to punching out a life-form that’s probably just trying to protect its territory from a stranger. But if it won’t listen to reason, it’s going down — Here’s a look at the NECA Toys Superman Vs Alien SDCC 2019 Exclusive Figure Set!


Founding Father
Agree about the desirability of that third head sculpt. And that it is a very nice classic Surperman. Nice classic Xenomorph, too, in all its glorious NECA detail. I think anyone who likes the either one or the other of the characters might still find it convenient to pick this two-pack set. Nice action set up at the end.

I'll be back!


Thanks, GubernatorFan. Indeed, this set should be right up the alley of fans of either properties.

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