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NEW PRODUCT: (new brand) FIGURECOSER new product: 1 / 6 Union female assassin - red hair knife female action doll

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New brand FIGURECOSER FC Union assassin Red hair knife female 1/6 12 inch movable doll

Official price 728RMB $105.71 USD

Estimated shipping time is 2018 in the fourth quarter.

Number-COS001( PRODUCT CODE –COS001)

Product Details

- Joint female body (1/6 SCALE female body) x1
-female head sculptx1
-hands of holding x2
- Relaxed hands x2
- Cursed swords x2
- dark brown handle swords x2
-dark red handle broadsword x1
- flying knives x6
- Handguards (gauntlets) x2
-black jacket x1
- brown underwear (coffee bra) x1
-red elbow pads x2
-black trousersx1
-Brown boots x2
-a skeleton with a belt of swords x1
-back sword pouch x1
- Cross broadsword belt x1
-waist knife set (broadsword pouch)x1
- a wide belt with a right leg belt x1

#newproduct #FigureCoser #female #UnionAssassin #accessories #knives #swords

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Founding Father
I like several aspects of this product, and will resist mentioning the ones that make little or no sense to avoid sounding like a broken record. Smile

I'll be back!
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interesting choice, never played league of legends, but from what i hear its a great game, and katarina sure is sexy.

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I really like the headsculpt, would consider a parts buy for the complete body (hands & feet included) with the head.  Whoever is interested can keep all the rest...

Permanent Hot Toys boycotter
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This has sparks my interest! A nice collection of female assassin figures!

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