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TBLeague 1/6 SKARAH, THE VALKYRIE [PL2018-116]

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1 TBLeague 1/6 SKARAH, THE VALKYRIE [PL2018-116] on Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:52 am

Valkyries are the Norse Goddesses who choose those who died with valor in battlefield to bring them to the afterlife hall of the slain in Valhalla, ruled over by the god Odin.Skarah, the most powerful Valkyrie in Valhalla is Odin’s favorite, adored as a Goddess of War on earth by the mightiest warriors and envied by her sisters, her powers are second only to Odin himself !SKARAH, THE VALKYRIE ©️ 2018 ARH Studios Inc.

Packing list:
1)      1 × TBLeague female seamless body with metal skeleton
2)      1 × head sculpt
3)      3pairs × interchangeable hands
4)      1 × feathered style helmet
5)      1 × right shoulder armor
6)      1 × right upper arm armor
7)      1pair × forearm armors
Cool      1pair × knee armors
9)      1pair × calf armors
10)    1 × armlet for left arm
11)    1 × necklace
12)    1 × shoulder strap
13)    1 × chest guard
14)    1 × battle skirt
15)    1 × artificial fur bottom
16)    1pair × artificial fur sleeves
17)    1pair × artificial fur calf sleeves
18)    1 × sword
19)    1 × shield
20)    1 × spear
21)    1pair × shoes
22)    1 × base
23)    4 color packaging

First look at the box. Standard size, without elaborated bases, hence a little lighter on the freight charges.

The contents of the box. I believed the figure is S21B.
Well, as you can see, the figure already has much of the clothes and accessories put on, so there is nothing much to do, really. The only challenge is the right shoulder armor. At first, i tried to put in on to the body thru both arms raised. Then, upon observing the pictures, i realised i only need to wear it thru the left arm. A bit of adjustment, and it is on.
Oh and before i put on the HS, i put the collar onto the neck first.

So here's the figure dressed up. I am able to stand the figure without needing any support. The HS has nicely braided hair, 3 of them. And i swear Phicen's HSs are made from the same mold...all of them could be sisters! With the hair to the side, you can see the chest piece was fastened to the back with orange colored string. I don't even have to work that's already on. So all Phicen figures' clothes can be removed.
And if you must know, I showed you what's beneath the skirt...

The helmet is a bit loose. I squeeze it a bit before putting on. Both spear and sword is plastic, although looked metallic. The spear, i must mention, is quite long...longer than any spear i have or have seen. A simple base. I still wish a support is provided, so i could deliver more poses.

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Founding Father
Thanks for sharing. Good out-of-box review.

Man you get these things fast!


He who dies with the most toys wins!

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Founding Father
Thank you for posting your notes and all the beautiful and informative photos. Looks like a pretty nice set.

I'll be back!
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Can't wait for mine to arrive (along with the Fighter Woman)! This figure looks even more amazing on your photos. Thanks for sharing and making me happier on getting it!

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Thanks for the info and pics! This figure looks good. It looks like what it is meant to be unlike the Athene figure and the Majestic Crusader.

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Thanks for the share. Mine smells like lemon pledge lol
Not sure if it would have been accurate to the source material but a sheath for her sword would have been a good addition.

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Thank you for the review, she looks Great! I'm planning to get this one someday, she will fit nicely into my collection.

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