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Armored Crusader Jaroyesh vs. three Undead [Guild Wars 2 inspired]

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As mentioned in the Introduction thread, I'm new to the hobby, my first 1/6 Scale Figure is a customized "Triad Toys Riza Miyamoto", which I customized into my character Jaroyesh from Guild Wars 2, a fantasy/part steampunk MMO. Jaroyesh, or 'Roy', was a Crusader, a soldier of the Vigil Order, fighting against the undead in the invasion of Orr. She is equipped with heavy armor, sword, long axe and a shotgun. I also made a mace and a roundshield, but I didn't like them, I'll have to make them again.

The shotgun is the newest weapon, there are older pictures where she is wielding the sword and the axe, but the painting on the armor isn't finished there. I will make new pictures of the other weapons soon.

Magnetic break action shotgun.

The background is a print of a screenshot of Orr. Orr was once a human kingdom, until a powerful mage used an ancient spell to protect it against an invasion. The Spell sank the entire island an turned every living creature into an undead servant of the mage, who became a powerful Lich. (The landscape and some themes/stories/items are quite inspired by Lovecraft) After the Lich was killed, a powerful undead Dragon took over Orr and raised it from the ocean. Jaroyesh is there to clean up this mess.

I also made three Risen Humans from Orr (Zombies...) to fight Jaroyesh. They were made from the skeletons from 'The Bones Book'. The joints were reinforced with wire and magnets, I am still trying, it's a bit messy. I will post more zombie footage in the future.

The original figure, Riza Miyamoto. I mainly chose it for the hairstyle of the headsculpt an because it was cheap on ebay. Now I have 2 Katanas to open letters. The trenchcoat is wired for posing, I cut off the upper part, painted it black and reused it.

Progress pictures:

For the armor I used "Worbla', a thermoplastic used by cosplayers. It was recommendend to me by a friend.
It is very light an robust.
I started with the boots, added some greenstuff pyramids to fit the armor design of the original.

I used more greenstuff on some cheap biker hands from China to make the gauntlets:

My first use of neodym magnets on the chest.

The pauldrons are supposed to look more 'fantasy', also equipped with magnets. I added a gorget because I can. And rivets, I like rivets.

The 'Vigil' helmet is inspired by Greek helmets. I still have to add the hair for the crest. Brush bristles maybe? Or just make a static sculpt? I am open for suggestions.

The clothing under the armor is very basic, just spare leather and some glue.

All parts were primed with black spray and then painted with vallejo metallic color. The texture of the material fits the brute style of the armor, I think. I increased the 'hammered' effect on the upper chestpiece, the elbows and the plates on the boots, using putty from the bottle.

I scaled a screenshot of the axe in the desired size, printed it on adhesive paper an put it on a thermoplastic sheet, then cut it out. The blades were then added to a wooden rod, some greenstuff rivets were added.

For the sword I  also used a screenshot. It took some time to find a scale that is not too fantasy/oversized and no too tiny/realistic. The sword is designed in the style of the Norn - the Norn are giant Viking/Native Americans hybrids living in the cold Shiverpeaks.

For the Shotgun I used a lot of tiny magnets for future interchanging of parts.

I will post some more Undead when I put their progress pics together like those above.

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Holy crap!!! 1st off Ovy, welcome to the board and to the hobby! 2nd, damn, how the hell is this your 1st 1/6 build!? So impressive! Until I saw the WIP pics, I totally assumed most of what I was seeing was kitbashed from pre-existing parts. You did such an incredible job on the armor and weapons! Love those swords and the shotgun is brilliant. What did you work on before you started doing 1/6 stuff? Based on this, I assume you've got experience from some sort of other creative projects before?

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Founding Father
Great work. Nice to see Triad products still around and being used so effectively. That Worbia looks pretty neat, and something I now want to look into. Thanks for the insight into your kitbashing and customizing process. Very effective background, too.

I'll be back!
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a crazy amount of work went into this and thanks for sharing the WIP pics !
She looks awesome so far and cant wait to see more of her !

I did not know Worbla came in such thin pieces which is great !
I will need to look into that..

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You're definitely a natural! Very talented and you seem to have picked up important tricks of the trade very early on and are using them really well! Love the use of a pencil sharpener on a wooden dowel to make spikes, might work on soft plastic from model kit sprues too.
Brush bristles work really well, just get a soft brush like one for buffing shoe polish.

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Fantastic work! You should send this to GW2 team. They love posting fan work like this on their Tumblr or FB page.

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Very nice. I love how you have used those magnets.

More of my work can be found at One Sixth Arsenal
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Founding Father
Excellent work, and nice job on all the detailed WIP pics and explanations. Turned out great.


He who dies with the most toys wins!

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Well, this is one helluvan entrance, if I've ever seen one.

Masterful work, indeed. I like it all.

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Wonderful figure and equipment! Great paintjob too!

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Thanks for the kind words everyone!

My main focus was always on drawing and some painting, but I made some planes and tanks as a kid, later two small WH40k armies. I liked customizing and kitbashing then, giving the guardsmen greenstuff beards and pimping their guns and armor etc. Also some molding for small items. I am sculpting small figures from time to time (for birthdays etc.) using polymer clay and old metal/plastic stuff I find. Before I started the 6 scale thing I made some cute little houses with empty jars and polymer clay.

Brush bristles then, thanks!
And you can definitely sharpen plastic sprues, but I wanted wood for the rough texture.

Yeah I heard about it, maybe I'll be finished by Halloween.

Orrian weapons:

I am not finished with arranging the Undead progress pictures yet, but here are their weapons.

Screenshots of the weapons were scaled, printed on adhesive Paper and put on polystyrene sheet, then cut out and combined with chop sticks. I sharpened them and drilled some corrosive effects into the blades. As the weapons are covered with corals and barnacles, I used cheap air drying clay as a base for greenstuff.

Some fake leather strips and greenstuff was used for the barnacles, then painted.

I should not have use wood, it's quite heavy for the skeletons. A small magnet helps attaching it to the hand.

The spear has a shell attached to the end, stolen from Scotland. I might put a greenish tint over allle the weapons, but I am afraid to mess it all up.

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Beautifully detailed work, real craftmanship on show.



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