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NEW PRODUCT: TBLeague (PHICEN) 1/6 Scale M36A Seamless Male Body

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Item Name:Super-Flexible 1/6th Scale Male Seamless Body
Item No:PL2018-M36A
Bar Code:697 127233 0222

Packing List:
1) 1 × M36A super flexible male seamless body
2) 3 pairs × interchangeable hands
3) 1 pair × removable flat-heeled feet
4) 2 pcs × Male genitalia
5) 4 color packaging
★ Head sculpt and all the gear ( including model basketball, clothing, sneakers, elbow pad ) NOT included

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Founding Father
Cool, glad to see another TBLeague male body. Looks like the counterpart to the recently announced M36, and like a taller version of M32 (which was on the tall side but not quite tall enough to make a Yao -- since we are clearly looking at another basketball-player-inspired body). The only disappointment is the very specific choice of hands (although hopefully one could use other TBLeague male hands as needed). I've been hoping for a tall M33, but this might be it (or close enough).

I'll be back!
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Interesting. I really want to see this and the M36 next to other phicen bodies for scale to see how much taller they are. They really are leaning into the basketball angle with the choices of hands, at the expense of some much more commonly usable hand poses. Surprised, since their colors are (fairly) standardized, they don't offer some hand packs, in a variety of fun poses. Seems like an easy way to make a few extra bucks.

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If that's true then it'll be quite a bit taller that the M32 which is around 31cm with a typical head sculpt.

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