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NEW PRODUCT: AC new product: 1/6 love cat female thief whole box movable doll (#ATX-027)

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1/6 ATX-027 Female thief in a cat box
Product configuration list:
Head carving *1
Female body*1
Tight leather*1
Hand type *3 pairs
Leather whip*1
High boots *1 double
1/6 ATX-027 Cat woman full figure
Female body*1
Leather catsuit*1
Hands*3 pair
High boots*1 pair

#newproduct #AC #movie #female #cat #thief

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Founding Father
When I read "Love Cat," I thought we were going to be instructed to take it home and do something unspeakable in mixed company to it... but I was happy to discover they meant the lovely Michelle Pfeiffer as the lovely Cat Woman. What an iconic look... saved by kitty litter. The only way this could have been better is if it included an unmasked head... The posing makes me wonder if the suit is too restrictive for fuller-range leg articulation.

I'll be back!
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Not bad! Here's where I'd normally have to restrain myself from unloading on some sap wondering if the costume would fit a Phicen!

It's a full BODYSUIT!! You wouldn't see ANYTHING, let alone if there were or weren't any joints there.

LOL, rant over!


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