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NEW PRODUCT: MCCToys x Mr.Z New: 1/6 Mr. Zhu's Mini Wardrobe Series - Functional Kid Set (MCC010#)

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Founding Father
MCCToys x Mr.Z 1/6 Mr. Zhu's Mini Closet Series - Functional Kid Set

Does not contain the body or head sculpt

Model: MCC010

Product List:

Half sleeve camouflage robe × 1
Dark style cardigan × 1
Sleeveless t-shirt × 1
Functional cropped pants × 1
Leggings × 1
Vintage sneakers × 1
Backpack × 1

MCCToys x Mr.Z 1/6 Mr. Z's mini Closet - Functional boy suit


Camouflage robe x 1
Dark style cardigan x 1
Sleeveless T-shirt
Functional cropped pants 9 x 1
Leggings x 1
Vintage sneakers x 1
Backpack x 1

#newproduct #MCCToys #Mr.Z #male #clothes #Mr.Zhu #FunctionalKid

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Founding Father
Not how I would dress (especially the pants), but I think it's pretty cool. And I can't help but feel serendipity, since I just ordered the "angry" head yesterday.

I'll be back!
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Founding Father
Not sure about the pants either, but, on the whole, a good looking set. Those Facepool sculpts lend themselves to all kinds of possibilities.


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