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NEW PRODUCT: LIGHT KINGDOM New: 1/6 King of Wrestling / King of Wrestling Kit

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Founding Father

LIGHT KINGDOM : 1/6 King of Wrestling - Accessories Pack
LIGHT KINGDOM : 1/6 King of Wrestling - Accessories

The head carving can be exchanged for different eye and mouth style accessories, and can make different expression effects.

Note: Body is not included,
Does not contain body

Recommended with TBLeague M34 and TBLeague M35 body Body

Product details:
Product Details:

Head carving Head Sculpt x 1
Changeable eyes x 4 pairs of Changeable eyes x 4 pairs
Replaceable nozzle type x 3 Replaceable mouth x 3 pairs
Red top Red top
Grey belt
Red short red short
Red Booties Red booties
Grip hand x 1 pair Catch hand x 1 pair
Chopsticks Chopsticks
Beef noodles Beef noodles

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Founding Father
Pretty cool -- always useful to find clothing that would fit these larger seamless bodies. The soft footwear is promising for ankle articulation. I would just worry about this possibly staining the body.

I'll be back!
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Lol I find the head sculpt lets just say worrying (one bang on the head too many?) but as GF said nice to have clothing to fit the big bodies

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AWESOME! hahahaha
lets just say i like cookie stuff What a Face

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