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NEW PRODUCT: DIIB Toys: 1/6 scale Resident Evil 5 Jill Valentine (BSAA Version) (DIIB-001)

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DIIBTOYS 1/6 Scale Movable Figurine - RESIDENT EVIL 5 JILL (BSAA VER.)

Product list:
Head sculpt with highly-emulation hair × 1 piece
A movable body × 1 piece
Hands: ×3 pieces
Blue Jacket: × 1 piece
Belt: × 1 piece
Hat: × 1 piece
Combat pants × 1 piece
Boots: × 1 piece
Sam Browne: × 1 piece
Leg belt: × 1 piece
Waist bag: × 4 piece
Dagger: × 1 piece
Dagger sleeve: × 1 piece
Grenade: × 2 piece
Flashlight: × 1 piece
Pistol: × 1 piece
Pistol sleeve: × 1 piece
PSG: × 1 piece
MP5: × 1 piece
Micro player × 1 piece (Made by Metal)

#newproduct #DIIBToys #ResidentEvil #JillValentine #videogame #female #horror #Sci-Fi

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Founding Father
Cool set. That said, since I've never played the game (and I don't remember the movies very well), I am looking at it mostly as a source of parts and garments.

I'll be back!
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i like that someone is doing this set again, but tbh...i dont see highly emulation hair anywhere on her. if anything they just copied ht's set outright with some minor changes.

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The figure's headsculpt has very little similarity with the movie character. That said, I like the shirt, harness, belt and pouches a lot. The knife's scabbard and the drop holster though look cheap and poorly made. Strictly loose parts for me.

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come on guys. This is totally a recast copy of Hot Toys licensed product.

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6 Movie version please! on Sun Sep 16, 2018 8:20 pm

I want my Sienna Guillory! Or else nothing special. ..

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Founding Father
I'd be inclined to think this was an HT KO, still, be cheaper for those that didn't get the HT I suppose. The HS is probably modelled on the games more than the movies.


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