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NEW PRODUCT: 1/6 Daqing Empire Series - Co-organized university student "Ji Da Tobacco Bag" (#MN005)

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Who said that there is no one in the book to talk about laughing, the wind is only relying on the three-inch is not rotten, the literati, the swearing, the sorrow, the stomach, the stomach, the sin

A song "Whoever says that the students have no use", through the love and hate of the Qianlong side and the official fight, not less than the two elders of Qianlong - Ji Yun and He. Although in the real history, the two are forgotten, there are contradictions and cooperation, but there is no direct conflict of interest. However, the dramatic drama of historical dramas, the legendary story of the two men fighting around Qianlong, has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. How can Qianlong be incompetent and harmonious, and there is no such thing as the "Siku Quanshu" general monk, who likes to smoke cigarettes?

Shishi model: 1/6 Daqing Empire Series MN005 Co-organized University Shiji Big Tobacco Bag

MN005 Standard Edition Configuration:

- Head carving (scorpion for hair transplant)*1
- Movable element body*1
- 7 replacement hands

- Blue fake collar *1
- Red pants*1
- Official boots*2
- Officer's hat*1
- Official uniform*1
- Robe*1
- Chaozhu*1
- Belt *1
- Belt ornaments *1
- Shawl*1
- Yellow Horse
- Melon Cap *1
- coarse cloth vest *1
- Denim gown*1
- coarse pants *1
- Socks*2
- Cloth shoes*2
- Tobacco rod *1
- Sachet *1
- Siku Quanshu*5
- Bracket *1

JSModel: 1/6Qing empire series MN005 Grand secretary, Ji big cigarette bag

Mn005 standard configuration:

- Head carving (braid for hair grafting)*1
- Movable element*1
- 7 replacement hand type

- collars of blue*1
- Pant of red*1
- Officer boots*2
- Cap of office*1
- Clothes of office*1
- Python robe*1
- Facing bead*1
- Belt*1
- Belt ornaments*1
- Shawl*1
- Yellow mandarin jacket*1
- Cap*1
- Vest of coarse cloth*1
- Long gown of coarse cloth*1
- Trousers of coarse cloth*1
- Socks*2
- Cloth shoes*2
- Smoke rod*1
- Sachet*1
- The Four Categories*5
- Bracket*1

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Founding Father
Very cool set. One might note that Daqing is the more formal name of the Qing Dynasty (as it is more familiar to the world); Da Qing means "Great Qing" -- like "the great State of New Hampshire" or "the great State of Idaho," Chinese dynasties liked to call themselves "great" at least on formal occasions in their own time.

I'll be back!
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I want to know what they're smoking in that pipe...

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Asian Laurel and Hardy!?


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