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NEW PRODUCT: [head carving / body] VERYCOOL notice: 1/6 FX05 joint rubber female body COMING SOON

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New product notice: VERYCOOL joint rubber female body
Number: FX05
Thank you for your love for VERYCOOL women's theme. We have upgraded on the basis of the original female body to meet the different needs of players, and strive to achieve quality and satisfaction for the players.

We have more accessories, plus a leg booster, the long-legged girl is immediately in front of us.
VERYCOOL advises everyone that if it is a military subject, the body of the common joint is the best, and the mobility is high;
If it is a fashion girl with a bare leg, choose this leg and arm is the steel bone plastic is right, affordable and eye-catching.

There is also skin color is a concern for everyone, this B color is the most common skin color, that is, wheat color, suitable for most of the head carvings on the market.
There are still two big breasts (FX05-B) and middle chest (FX06-B).

The shipment time of the new body is at the end of 2016, and the price is around 168 yuan .
Let me put a few pictures for you to see, the price does not include head carving, thank you for your attention!

The New Production Preview : VERYCOOL 1/6 FX05 Female Body
The code :FX05
I am extremely grateful to everybody for your preference over the VERYCOOL female topics. The upgrade has been made on the basis of the original female ferrite in order to satisfy the different needs of the players with the great attempt to make the players at ease over the We have richer device will be shown in front of you immediately. VERYCOOL gave us some tips that the ordinary Joint ferrite with high mobility will be the best if It is the military topic It is extremely right to select this style whose legs and arms are steel reinforced plastic bags if the fashionable girls expose their arms and legs .As the price is very preferential and eye-catching.In addition.the skin color is also the issue with Which everybody concerns.A color is the whitening skin.B color is suitable to European and American topics. that is the wheat color.which is appropriate to the head of brands like HT etc in the market.C color is the Asian s Kin color.D color is suitable to the South Korean head skin color in the market. The chest types are still two styles of big - sized breast and middle-sized breast.
The shipping time of the new ferrites is at the end of 2016, with the price of about 168 RMB. the pictures will be initially shown to everybody and the price excludes the head. Thanks for everyone's attention!

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Founding Father
I love the head sculpt, although it might be a remake of the Megan Fox (?) one we've already seen.

I'll be back!
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Release date 2016?

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Not bad!


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