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NEW PRODUCT: [CRS-001] Ghost Sister 1:6 Female Boxed Figure by Creator Studio

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Founding Father
Product Includes:

Head sculpt x 1pcs
Female action figure x 1 pcs
Sister cloths set x 1 pcs
Neck scarf x 1 pcs
Head scarf x 1 pcs
Necklace with the cross x 1 pcs
Style hands x 6 pcs

#newproduct #CreatorStudio #GhostSister #Horror #Female #movie

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Founding Father
Not really my thing, but if they pull off the quality, it would be a very impressive figure. Are those light up or phosphorescent eyes?

I'll be back!
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I love horror so I'm definitely gonna get this nun... oh I mean this "sister" lol Very Happy I hope they also make Sadako from the Ringu series (they can call her TV Ghost Girl) and Kayako from the Grudge series (they can call her Haunted House Girl) Smile

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Ooh..another scary figure. I wonder if those previous offerings are our and anyone did a review. ..

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