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NEW PRODUCT: CRAFTONE New Products: 1/6 Fighter / Fighter - Double-headed dual-body Deluxe Edition & Double-headed Monolithic Standard Edition

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Founding Father
A total of two versions: double-headed dual-body luxury version & double-headed single-body standard version

CRAFTONE 1/6 Fighter - Premium Ver
CRAFTONE 1/6 Fighter - Double Head Dual Deluxe Edition


Head carving, body part
1. Original and realistic male head carvings (long hair, short hair).
2. Two sets - a new production of PVC male body, with 8 hand movements, foot.

Black fur dress section
1. Black fur big 䄛.
2. Orange mesh tight vest.
3. Red trousers.
4. Red socks.
5. Faux leather shoes (wearing the soles of the feet).
6. Red, emerald meson.
7. Beautiful body type lighter, cigarette.

Red leather clothing part
1. Red leather.
2. Motorcycle printing T-shirt.
3. Blue khaki pants
4. Mid-tube shoes (wearing the soles of the feet).
5. Special sunglasses.

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Oh man, is Craftone doing a re-release of these? I grabbed them the 1st time around, and they really do love them. Still one of my all time favorite movies.

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Founding Father
I agree, this is a re-release. It is a pretty nice set, though perhaps not quite as awesome as the Blitzway version.

I'll be back!
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