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NEW PRODUCT: 1/6 scale A Chinese Ghost Story - YAN CIXIA Ghost Hunter (Wu Ma) From Young Toys Code: YT1910201801

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Founding Father
Part List:
-Headsculpt x 1
-Articulate body (30cm) x 1
-Hand type x 7
-Black collars x 1
-Cross collar x 1.
-Beige jacket x 1
-Wide sleeved blouse x 1 (weathered)
-Petticoat x 1 (weathered)
-Cloth belt x 1 (weathered)
-Flower pants x 1 (weathered)
-Long stockings x 2 (weathered)
-Flat bottomed shoe x 2 (weathered)
-Breasts armor x 1
-Xuanyuan sword x 1
-Fu Wenyu arrow x 3
-Bow and arrow x 1
-Arrow sac x 1
-The sword box x 1
-Soul bell x 1
-Compass x 1
-Tailsman x 6
-Earring x 10

#newproduct #YoungToys #ChineseGhostStory #Asian #WuMa #movie #male

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Founding Father
Very cool set. Love the weathering and details.

I'll be back!
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this is based on Yan Chi Xia 燕赤霞 character on the 1987 Chinese movie A Chinese Ghost Story. Great actor, passed away about 4 years ago.

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