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NEW PRODUCT: 1/6 Unexplored Nate From CC Toys Code: CCT01

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Founding Father

Product list:
Headsculpt x 1
1/6 Body x 1
Shirt x 1
Jeans x 1
Wasit Pack x 1
Shoes x 1
Watch x 1
Hands x 8
Hook x 1
Bodkin x 1
Flashlight x 1
Handgun x 1
Gun belt x 1
Bracket x 1

Protoype Shown, final productn may be slightly different.
All information is subject to changing without prior notice.

#newproduct #CCToys #UnexploredNate #videogame #male

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Founding Father
This one looks pretty great; of course it had to be a damaged version...

I'll be back!
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This set does look nice. I might stump up for it

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this set looks better than the one from feverhobby. this one will probably be the one to get!

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Cobratrooper11 wrote:this set looks better than the one from feverhobby. this one will probably be the one to get!

Couldn't agree more. The HS on the Fever Hobby set looks very cartoonish; this one is so much better, even if its "battle-damaged".

Clothing, accessories and especially the shoulder holster also look very good. I'd consider this for a boxed figure purchase.

Permanent Hot Toys boycotter
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Yeah, sorry Feverhobby, but CC Toys just 1-upped you on this. Much better head, more subdued colors on the clothing, more accessories. Although Feverhobby may have the edge on the way the shoulder holster fits and hangs. Quite cool though.

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I was about to say the very same, sadly for feverhobby, only the shoulder holster looks better on their set.

Still not a great likeness to my eyes, but I guess the evolution of both the character and gaming technologies doesn't help!

Btw this set is also a decent base for a dexter morgan figure...

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