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NEW PRODUCT: Mr. Toys MT2018-03 1/6 He-Man head carving costume set

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MR.TOYS MT2018-03 1/6 He-Man head carving clothing accessories set

List of accessories in the kit:

l  1 : Simulation of hair transplanting male head carving

l  2: Shoulderguards

l  3: Breastplate

l  4: wrist armor

l  5 : Sword

l  6 : scabbard

l  7 : belt

l  8: Skirt

l  9 : Panties

l  10: Shield

l  11 : Cloak

l  12: Boots

l  13: Legs

Note: does not contain the body

Recommended with TBLeague PL2018-M35 body

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Founding Father
Well... mystery solved. It is He-Man, not Beastmaster. I think I was half-complaining about a cartoonish He-Man figure a few days ago and wishing for exactly this. Looks pretty good, especially the head sculpt.

I'll be back!
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I think this figure would look pretty good too if you took parts of the Conan figure (like the furry boots, shorts) and gave him more of his Filmation attire.

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much better than the over muscled one of the earlier post

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How does it go? By the power of Grey Skull! Best looking He-Man I've seen.

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Founding Father
Not bad. Never been a He-Man fan, however, but I do like the more realistic approach.


He who dies with the most toys wins!

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