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NEW PRODUCT: ACE: Playgirl Series 13034 U.S. Vietnam War "Peace Company"

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Founding Father
Product Details:
Head sculpt
Female body
Bare hands
M1 helmet
Mitchell pattern helmet cover
Half-sleeve knot tie crop blouses
OG 107 pants (2nd pattern)
USMC M1955 flack vest (2nd pattern)
Montagnard trouser weave belt
US Spike Protective Jungle Boots 3rd pattern DMS Spike Sole
M1956 individual equipment belt (Female length)
Jungle first aid pouch
1 quart canteens x 2
M1956 1 quart canteen covers x 2
M79 Bandolier
3 round plastic spacers x 2
Pistol magazines pouch
Pistol holster
M1911A1 pistol
M79 40mm grenade launcher
Ka-bar combat knife w/ sheath
M18 smoke grenade red
M18 smoke grenade violet
M26 grenades x 2
40mm grenade x 6 pcs
GI watch
Peace symbol badge

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Founding Father
Another one? Very nice set, even if effectively fantasy. Since she follows on the blonde, I can't help but think of Three's Company, which of course has nothing to do with this.

I'll be back!
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Founding Father
If they do a third one, it’ll be more like Charlie’s Angels, the ‘Nam Years.


He who dies with the most toys wins!

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I do like the HS, it has a bit of a "thousand-yard stare" going on. Good for modern military & PMC bashes.

Even though this is all fantasy as mentioned by the esteemed GubernatorFan, I'm sure fans of the Vietnam era will find the uniform and flak jacket useful maybe for a nurse bash a la China Beach. Weapons and gear are also great bash fodder.

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Founding Father
She reminds me of Lynda Carter. The helmet might be a decent size for male figures as some of the others I've seen for them look somewhat oversized.


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Damnit. I was looking at the first few photos wearing the flak jacket, the jpeace symbols and could make a gi nurse but then came the rest of the photos with the usual tarty look.

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