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Headsculpts and sizes

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1 Headsculpts and sizes on Sat Oct 27, 2018 7:15 am

Hi Friends,
i have a problem with all the Headsculpts. For my short figures i need short ones, for the tall bodys i need big ones. Otherwise, a big figure with a short Head looks not realistic. Here are some Friends who have many Headsculpts. I think it will be Great to see some sculpts side by side in a picture, so we can see the difference ?

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2 Re: Headsculpts and sizes on Sat Oct 27, 2018 11:49 am


Founding Father
Good idea. Everyone, go! Smile

I think someone (edwick?) had begun a database of (female?) heads, although it was mostly about color matching -- on the old forum.

Ephiane, in the short term, it might be helpful if you give us some more information as to what you are looking for in particular -- e.g., male or female, and which bodies you are talking about.

I do have a "database" of male heads I keep for reference (to help me locate them or to make sure I don't buy more than one), photographed on identical torso bases (you can see both of them in the photo below, although one of them is mostly covered up by the ripped t-shirt), but they are far too many to upload even in sets.

There's also this, for a recent thread about fitting heads on the most petite new TBLeague body (the question was only about proportion, not color match). The actual thread is HERE.

Hope this helps.

I'll be back!
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