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NEW PRODUCT: [AF-AI3] 1/6 Aidol 3 Collectibles by ARTFIGURES

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Founding Father
Product Includes:
Masked Head Sculpt
AIDOL Figure
3 Pairs of Gloved Hand
1 Pair of Robotic Forearm Strengthen Device
W/Folded Combat Knives
G17 Pistol
Combat Shotgun
Modified .45 Pistol
Tactical Folded Knife
Throwing Knife
G17 Dual Mag Pouches
Tactical Thigh Holster
Custom Knee Pads*2
Combat Boots
Military Web Belt with Belt Pad
Tactical Pants
Tactical Vest
Shotgun Shell*6
Pistol Mag*2
Shotgun Mag*2
©️2018 Art Figures Limited. All Rights Reserved

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Founding Father
Looking pretty sharp, but I'm no expert on these.

I'll be back!
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WOW Crossbones!
I like it despite the missing chest plate and shoulder armors... shotgun is the same as ArtFigures Judge Alvarez.

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