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The Mechanical Arm (TMA) from Studio Sundowner

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This was their first release and only offering that I have from them. I hope their quality has improved since then as I had to give mine a complete overhaul as loose joints and poorly assembled Mechanical Arm that kept falling off was just too annoying for me to leave as is or to get any other offering of theirs since then.

I had used an Soldier story base body that had a broken right arm and the size made the perfect donor.

Studio Sundowner should have used ball jointed socket / pegs instead of just the brass rods to connect the arms so that had to be dredone. Did a bit of drilling and added my own ball pegs and sockets instead since they did not.


Cut and threw out the resin hand but kept the rest. I then attached it to a bendy gloved hand.

With the Renner sculpt from Soldier Story's FBI set.

Changed the boots and swapped out gray leggings added some light weathering.

Soldier story's excellent articulation makes for a much more an enjoyable figure now.

Side by side comparison.

That's all folks !
Thanks for dropping by !

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I like your version MUCH better. I always kind of skipped past this figure as being more or less a combination of cliche and cheese ( and I LOVE cheese! ) , the sculpt didn't inspire and the arm looked out of place. The mods you made create a whole different feel that works well. The new sculpt humanizes the arm and the boots and hand changes make the figure more believable.
Nicely done!

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Founding Father
Very nicely done. Must feel great to make it work properly and end up with such a complete look.

I'll be back!
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Wow ! Great Job on the Figure ! Like the posable fingers, the Robot Arm is Great

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