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1/6 Scale Lucifer Clothes Set For Fiona Valkyvia Chronicles LXF1702 12" figure

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(Valkyria Chronicles) Fiona is created to be a magic style-based original character model after referencing several domestic and foreign CG illustrations and the original game. These armors were specifically designed for KT004 head and Tbleague silicone body of the SI 2d model, so that they demonstrate the tailored fit between the parts. In addition, we utilized the exclusive use of the platform with the model to further project the harmonious combination so while playing with the model, it will display intense static prospect.

Note: This product does not contain the body and head (recommended with the use of Tbleague/ Si 2d silicone body and KT004 head model)

Packing List:
Armor Type:

Scarf Armor/1
Chest Armor Piece/1
Removable Shoulder Armor/2
Armor Arms/6
Thigh Armor/2
High Heels Battleboots/2
Crotch Protection Piece/1

Leather Pieces:
Sexy Bodysuit / 1
Leather Sheath / 1
Black Stockings / 1
Leather Back Piece / 1

Cross Sword (Metal Plating Process)
Sword sets

Main Scene: After the rain relics scene
Accessories: European Stairs, Small Hare

When I received it. I was a bit surprised...why such a big box? Upon checking online, I realized there is some base included, and hence the price...I wish I could order without the base...

The product was quite well packaged...with custom protective foam to protect all no damage or what so ever to any of the items.

And...contents. There are a total of 3 layers...the main armor, the sword and the European Stairs, and the base, with 2 animals. Of course, I won't see any body or even a head sculpt...they are not in the product description...

the contents of a little package. It contains the fabric clothes (if you can call it clothes!), the stockings and a Leather Sheath.

so, I decided to use a TBLeague S23B. It's has defined muscular tone to the abs and the arms, which i think should be for a woman warrior, and a toner body to fit one of the HS which I will be using.


There is NO MANUAL!!!

There is some learning curve to how to wear the "sexy suit" onto the body...Definitely legs in first.

Now, the suit is quite tight...I was in fear all the time, that the suit might just snap!! I have to cross the legs in order to squeeze the, em, bottom wear onto the buttocks of the figure. Then, I have to bend the body in order to put the upper part onto the neck, not forgetting to cross it first. And was I lucky to go with S23B! It has a mid bust size, which makes it easier to put on such a tight, sexy suit! With some adjustments, especially to untwist the suit, it's finally done. Whew!

Like I mentioned, there is no manual, and the product preview pictures on the net are also not so clear, I ponder a bit to how to put on the leather sheath. Upon studying it, I figured, it should be worn thru both arms. I noticed a slight angle of the sheath, so i decided the angle to how i should adjust it.
And the straps are very tiny! I have to use a pincer to fasten both straps. Took a while, but it's done!

I decided to start on the legs. However, to my surprise, the stocking isn't right! It's only mid length, and seems to only ride on the thighs! I studied the online preview pictures's not the same!
I decided to come back to this later.

I decided to wear the shoulder and arm armor. It's not difficult to put on, but i struggle abit, as the S23B has more muscular arms. And...the black colored arm fabric wear that was featured in the preview photos, are absent. So...I tried to squeeze the arm thru the armor, some hassle, but finally done!

I went back to the legs, and...It took the majority of my time for this figure!! Let me explain.

Firstly, (as there isn't any manual, or pictures printed anywhere), I decided to roll the Half-stockings all the way to the thigh area. Then I put on the Thigh armor, looks good! I did realised it is easier to wear the thigh armor, pushing it up the thigh along the stocking, which makes it smoother to slide along...

Then I decided to roll down the extra length of the stocking to cover the knees. After which, when i decided to put on the Leg Armor...I remembered...there shouldn't be any Leg Armor!!!The preview photos clearly showed the warrior wearing a torn pair of stockings! So...the maker changes the design of the set, without notifying me, the consumer, who has pre-ordered it! And no instructions provided!!!  

Well, never mind, as I decided to try putting the leg armors on anyway, to see the effect. It's rather tight, again, due to my choice of a muscular body. Finally, came the High Heels Battleboots...It seems to take me forever, with alot of unwanted strengths, but still failed to put it onto the leg's metal joint!!

I decided to do some modification to one of the boot, to try to wear it...and I regretted big time! My friends, please do not do so! I tried to enlarge the hole from the boot, hoping that the metal joint will fit...and it became loose! Luckily, I did not do the same to the other leg, and by pushing the Leg armor further up the leg, created enough room for me to try on the boot again...and I finally got it in! So, the left foot was merely attached there to balance the figure...I had damaged the boot...either i buy another one (I hope i can find a separate piece), or i have to think of a way to repair the boot...

The HS of my choice for this figure has been sitting around my desk for quite sometime, and finally I can give it life...! The arm guard is designed so that the arm can be bent without restriction. And, oh, the hands...I needed to push in harder for it to more enlarging of the holes!

And don't forget to put on the scarf armor around the neck before fitting the HS. And the head band too!

This item comes with a promised hare...and an additional eagle!! It isn't featured from the preview photos! complaints here!

The base looks quite good, I kinda like it...It does not take up much real estate, so should be nice to display...


The holding hands are a tad too would not hold that sword firmly.

And the sword has been upgraded to metal.

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Most Excellent review Thank You! She come out looking Great! I've been wanting this set for some for some time now.

I'm glad to see it's been finally released.

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I agree with Bad Wolf...great review. I like this set. It doesn't look as hard to assemble as the V2 Death Dealer was might just have to get this set...

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Founding Father
Thorough review. Thanks for sharing.


He who dies with the most toys wins!

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Founding Father
Thanks for the review. It certainly helps inform us, much more so than the original product announcement what seems like three Deluges ago. Smile

I'll be back!
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I like the stairs/bannister set more than the figure, though it is a little incongruous with the wooden rail, stone steps, and tree stump. It doesn't know whether it should be inside or outside. A stone rail - the same colour as the steps - would probably work better.

More of my work can be found at One Sixth Arsenal
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shazzdan wrote:I like the stairs/bannister set more than the figure, though it is a little incongruous with the wooden rail, stone steps, and tree stump. It doesn't know whether it should be inside or outside. A stone rail - the same colour as the steps - would probably work better.

Meh, not very important issues...anything can happen in anyone's world...wood, stones, trees (wood again) are all nature based...mix them however in your want realism? Research and go for it. You want fantasy? Your imagination is the only limit....wooden rail and stone steps? So what...

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updated preview pictures from maker:

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