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NEW PRODUCT: Black Toys New: 1/6 Hairy Clown - Purple Coat Version & Money Stack Background (BT101 BT102)

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Founding Father
Black Toys is about to launch a product DEVIL JOKER .

BT101 (pre-ordered customers will be given BT102 cash pile background)

feature of product:
● Pure hand-planting and custom-made coloring, which restores the character image and increases product collection.
● Newly developed movable body with custom clothing, closer to the character itself, restore the true proportion of the character
● Enrich product accessories and improve overall playability
Specification Description:
Product Name: Black Toys—DEVIL JOKER
Model: BT101
Size ratio: 1/6
Configuration table:
●Customized version of hair transplant head carving *1
●Super movable body *1
●Interchangeable gloves hand type (pieces) *7
●Purple coat *1 (can be hung)
●Gray suit *1
● striped shirt *1
●Green vest *1
●Green tie *1
●Socks *1
●shoes *1
●Bazooka RPG*1
●Submachine gun *1
●Spring knife *1
●Pistol *1
●Lighter *1
● cigar *1
● can be worn with rope grenade *5
●Warehouse background board *1
●Accessories series - cash pile (scheduled gift)
Delivery date: 2Q 2019 to 3Q 2019

BT102 (Cash Stack Background): Trade Name: Black Toys Accessories Series - Cash Stack (sold separately) Model: BT102 (Accessories Series - Cash Stack) Size ratio: 1/6 ( 400mm*300mm*250mm ) Delivery date: 2019 From the second quarter to the third quarter of 2019 , Black Toys studio is established in H ong kong at 2017. We strive to design and produce high quality collectible model to the world. A l imited version of DEVIL JOKER, from Black Toys, is coming soon Product feature ● A ll hand rooted head sculpt with customized painting. We tried to reduce the image of the characters and make it more collectable. ● New development of body with tailored clothing. We tried to return to the original condition of the characters and Make it close to the role. ● A bundant product accessories. We tried to make it more playable. Product Details: Black Toys – Devil JokerModel: BT101Scale: 1/6 List:
Special crafted head sculpture with root hair x 1
Super articulated body x 1
Interchangeable hands x 7
Purple coat x 1 (wear with grenade)
Grey suit x 1
Strip shirt x 1
Green vest x 1
Green tie x 1
Socks x 1
Shoes x 1
RPG rocket x 1
Machine gun x 1
String knife x 1
Pistol x 1
Lighter x 1
Cigar x 1
Wearable grenade x 5
Warehouse backboard x 1
Accessories – cash piles (exclusive for preorders)
Release date: 2019 2 nd – 3 rd quarter Product Details: Black Toys – Accessories – cash piles ( Purchased Separately ) Model: BT102Scale: 1/6 ( 400mm*300mm*250mm ) Release date: 2019 2 nd – 3 rd quarter

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Founding Father
Very cool. If they pull it off to match this quality, it would be quite impressive.

I'll be back!
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very impressive, I especially like the pile of cash!

If the final product is close to this it's great achievement, I nearly feel bad for the people that paid to root hair on the original headsculpt, cause the hair implant looks fantastic on these shots...

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Wow! Amazing looking figure. I’ll be picking one up for sure! Love the huge pile of cash too

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