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NEW PRODUCT: Toy Center New: 1/6 British gentleman striped suit - three colors CEN-M05

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Founding Father

Toy center 1/6 Soldiers British gentleman striped suit three colors CEN-M05

Type A (dark gray)

Type B (dark blue)

Type C (light grey)

Product Code: CEN-M05

Product List:

Top x1
Shirt x1
Vest x1
Tie x1
Belt x1
Pants x1
Leather shoes x1

Tip: This product does not contain body and head carvings.
The official recommendation is the TBLeague Phicen M34 muscle body, which is close to the body.

#newproduct #ToyCenter #BritishSuit #Striped #male #clothes #musclebody

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Good to know the huge male TBLeague bodies are getting some interesting sets. First the Conan and He-Man one, now this suit.
I can only hope for something for the M33 in some future, since I think these ones will be a bit loose in it.

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Oh! That makes more sense. The head they used looked so small, I thought the suit just fit really strange. But knowing it's for the M34 body, that's actually incredibly cool!

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Founding Father
I agree these are likely to help with the bigger bodies, and I like the overall design. Still, parts of them seem a little too bulky, especially the sleeves. But one can only do so much.

I'll be back!
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