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NEW PRODUCT: DJ-CUSTOM New product: 1/6 "Lyon Léon" collector's doll [double-headed version] (DJ-16001)

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Founding Father
DJ-CUSTOM is about to launch a new product 1:6 treasure dolls - killing hands

Specification Description:
Product Name: Killer Léon
Model: DJ-16001
Size ratio: 1/6
Head carvings and accessories:
Simulation head carving *2
Movable element body*1
Hand type *8
Foldable case*1
Plant pot *1
Milk cup*1
Milk box*2
Kraft paper bag*1
Weapon accessories:
Folding dagger *1
Grenade *6
Germany Hekler Koch USP
American Colt M1911A1
Italy Beretta 92FS
Browning HP (9mm)
Left wheel Ruger SP101
Revolver W586
Dress Accessories:
Gray knit cold hat *1
Black coat*1
White lining*1
Black lining *1 (large production is a battle damage version)
Gun vest *1
Shipping date: 1st quarter of 2019

DJ-CUSTOM New Product: Léon 1:6 scale collectible figure (two heads)
DJ-CUSTOM is proud to present our new product 1:6 scale collectible figure: The Professional Léon
Product Name: The Professional Léon
Product ID: DJ-16001
Scale: 1/6
Authentic head sculpt *2
Articulated body *1
Hand *8
Foldable weapon box *1
Plant *1
Sunglasses *1
Milk glass *1
Milk cartridge *2
Kraft paper bag *1
Folded Knife *1
Grenade *6
Piler *1
German Heckler & Koch USP
US Colt M1911A1
Italy Beretta 92FS
Browning HP (9mm)
Revolver Ruger SP101
Revolver W586
Grey cap *1
Black suit *1
White shirt *1
Black vest *1 (damaged version)

Tactical gun belt *1
Pants *1
Socks *1
Shoes *2
Released date 1st season 2019

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It seems like there have been quite a few Leon figures that have been released over the years, but this might be my favorite I've seen. Likeness is spot on, and the outfit looks really well tailored. They went all out on the accessories, and really hit every iconic item I can think of from the movie. I feel like 90% of my 1/6 scale spending goes to stuff for my own custom figures, but this is a release I might just have to pick this up.

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Founding Father
I agree, the likeness to Jean Reno is exceptional. Another great set.

I'll be back!
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agreed on the likeness...this looks like it will be a great one! "let the girl go!"

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