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Help with TBL Painkiller Jane Vs. Red Sonja comparison.

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could anyone tell me if one of these figures is darker than the other?
ideally the darker the better as the 3 phicens i have all seem to light for most of my heads.
i have a Very Cool Soviet Red Army body that seems about the right tone, would anyone know if the above phicens are similair?
i have a feeling both figures look really pale to me, but i have a use for the bloody bodies.
any help from you guys would be GREATLY appreciated Smile
thanks in advance.

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I think I have only one of these and it is in storage anyway. Hopefully someone -- BAD WOLF? -- can help you.

I'll be back!
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GubernatorFan wrote:I think I have only one of these and it is in storage anyway. Hopefully someone -- BAD WOLF? -- can help you.

Sorry GubernatorFan I don't think I could be of much help as I only have one of these figures too (Red Sonja scars of the She-Devil) but I would say she has the same skin tone as Athena but a little darker skin complexion than Queen of Vampires Arkhalla and much lighter skin tone than Red Sonja 1.

Maybe brassco can be of some help here?

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There is an easy solution: get both of them Smile

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I have the Red Sonja 1.5 figure (different kneepad faux metal buckle instead of the black clip) I think certain boxed figures had unique suntan skin color.

The heads of Red Sonja Scars of the She-Devil and Painkiller Jane are the same color, New Suntan. However, they have a slight difference. Jane has bruises and grime on her face, giving her a darker complexion. Her face has a dark smudge on her right side of her forehead, the left side of her bottom cheek, a faint line on the rim of her nose.

Even though Jane may have the smudges, she is still a new suntan skin tone.

I wish someone made a chart with color swatches? I mostly am just buying tbleague heads loose first to gauge the skin tone.

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thanks for the info, to my eyes [although i know that dosnt mean much haha] i thought red sonja looked a tad darker? but maybe they are actually the same?
i wonder if there is much straying in between the tones they use even on the same model?
im thinking i might go with sonja? hmmm

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