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Tutorials General Guidelines

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1Tutorials General Guidelines Empty Tutorials General Guidelines on Tue Jan 22, 2019 4:22 pm


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When submitting a topic/thread into this section, please consider the following.

Your tutorial should be designed to make a difficult task easier by offering simple instructions for processes and steps that are potentially complicated.

This is not the area for WIP, but proven techniques.

A. At the very least, make sure your post indicates clearly the steps you took to achieve the final look of whatever it is you are presenting.

B. Ideally, provide step by step detailed (and illustrated) description of the process. Or more fully,

1.  Create the outline of the tutorial and decide what its structure will be.
2.  Go through each step of the process as if you were doing it for the first time.
3.  Write down each passage and the problems you encountered.
4.  Whether you are creating a step-by-step video or a how-to article, start by giving an introduction (e.g. topics explained, areas covered, requirements, level of difficulty).
5.  Describe each step thoroughly and include also minor steps.
6.  Provide instructions in a clear, detailed, and comprehensible way (no technical jargon — assume you’re talking to beginners only).
7.  Post pictures.
8.  If you are going to use links and downloads, verify the format is easily accessible (not everyone can visualize large files or Quicktime or Flash).
9.  Make sure the process is organized into logical steps.
10.  Ask someone to try your tutorial and test it to make sure it’s completely understandable before posting.

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