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NECA Toys Batman Vs Predator SDCC 2019 Exclusive Figure Set REVIEW

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I’m the one it wants. Let it come and get me — Here’s a look at the NECA Toys Batman Vs Predator SDCC 2019 Exclusive Figure Set!


Founding Father
Thanks for the review. This armored Batman gives me very much a RoboCop vibe (thought of it even before you mentioned it!), but it does make sense as a counterpart to this Predator (and perhaps because I'm less steeped than you in these, I'm less bothered by the color choices there). Your eye for detail continues to impress (spotting the underlying identical mold for Batman and Superman, for example). How appropriate that Batman comes with a bat! (Was that what you were hinting at? If so, I suppose great minds think alike! Wink ) Sheesh... is this a Chip'N Dales Batman? Smile Now, with the armor removed, I suppose it is less surprising you spotted the use of an identical underlying body mold. Wink But I agree, it is nicely done, and I love the articulation and the portrait, as well as the use of a fabric cape, same as with Superman.

I'll be back!


Much appreciated, GubernatorFan. I guess I naturally turned up my keen detection skills to full blast while reviewing these guys. Laughing

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