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Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW

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Forgive the quality of the photos, but my phone's camera is just awful and I didn't have much time to make this rushed review.

Let us start with the Genesis release. Here is the box art, really beautiful.

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi10

Here's the figure, out of the box and with her 2 fans (one opened and one closed, you can't move them...) and 4 extra pairs of hands nicely sculpted, btw, pretty detailed and delicate: a pair of closed fists, a pair of relaxed hands, a pair of closed fan holding hands, a pair of slightly different positioned hands from relaxed, and a pair of wide opened hands for holding the opened fan.

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi11

The back of the figure is very detailed and as striking as the front. The "ribbon" is made of a cushion. The white "tail" has no wire and is made of a thin cloth, so positioning it can be a challenge in action poses. The rope is neat but the edges make it look like shoelaces, lol. Nothing that takes away the beauty of the costume.

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi12


The front details are cool and really draws attention to the figure.

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi13

A close-up on the HS. It's cartoony, anime-ish, faithful with the character. It's really nice, though I'd prefer a more realistic one.

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi14

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi15


The base holds the figure pretty well with some aerial poses. Bare in mind that this body has steel skeleton, it's as heavy as a Tbleague body.

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi16

Surprise gratuitous panty shot! Actually, this IS one of the moves in the game, so...
The ponytail holds pretty well in any position.

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi17

Her idle stance. The lack of her signature "air-bags" bothers me a tiny bit.

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi18


Her winning pose. This body is as flexible as a Tbleague (except for the neck, it's stiff, no movement at all).

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi19

Who "Nippon ichi!" better? Genesis X SuperDuck set 012.

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi20


SuperDuck's set is pretty nice... but a wee bit messy. It comes with a fully functional fan (I broke mine and kinda fixed it, that's why I won't show it much).

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi21

I'm using TBLeague's S21b body (pale, big breasts).

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi23

The back of the set is... a mess, not that pleasant. The "tails" have wires on them, allowing for a little degree of action poses. The "ribbon" has a button to hold the white torso part and the "tails".

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi22


Her idle posing. More like her now, and I like the TBLeague's curves better.

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi24

Gratuitous panty shot number 2.

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi26

Testing the display stand on the TBLeague's weight, and it holds well.

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi25


NSFW-ish warning here.

So... I wanted to swap bodies, cuz I think the Genesis body has thin arms and legs with not much definition, almost plain straight, and breast size not as big as the character of Mai Shiranui. Welp... no can do.

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi27

The costume is stitched really tight to the body. I tried to pull it down the waist and it began to stretch the stitches way too much. Which means, should you wanna swap bodies, you're into some stitching.

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi28

Still, it shows a high quality level of the costume. Bravo, Genesis.


So, I bought a HS in case I didn't like the original HS and, for my surprise, when I popped the head out...

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi29

Where da peg @, u ask? There ya go. It's on the HS.

2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Maishi29


outstanding costume, highly detailed. Comes with 5 pairs of hands, 1 opened fan and 1 closed fan, a display stand with a "fire effect". The ponytail can move and stay in place. The body is seamless, decently shaped, no nipples, with steel skeleton, suntan and has almost the same mobility as a TBLeague, apart from the stiff neck. You also can't swap heads.
I'd give it an 8/10.

The costume is way more simple, yet worth it. It's closer to the Dead or Alive version of the character. It has 1 fully functioning fan (why not 2 fans, for flock's sake?). The "tails" are wired. The back of the set lacks some finishing touches. The black parts of the gloves and socks stained the body, so beware...
I'd give it a 7/10.

Unfortunately I had little time to make this review and my phone's camera worked against me. I posted a lot of times because ServImg only let me post 3 pics per post and I got no time to investigate why (I probably need some acc or whatever).
Still, I hope you guys can enjoy it. Funny that I didn't see anyone reviewing this figure anywhere. In my opinion, it's well worth it. Feel free to leave questions or inquiries and I'll answer them asap. I may post more pics of whatever you guys want.

Cheers for my first (messy and rushed) review.


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Thanks for the review. While I'm not familiar with the character, I know she's popular and I'm sure this will be appreciated. There are obvious advantages to the TBLeague body, but then again it has to be supplied separately (right?); the other set is a bit more elaborate. I suspect that big Mai Shiranui fans might end up combining different bits and pieces of each into their favorite kitbashed version.
ServImg is trying to get people to sign up for paid accounts by making the free account upload up to 3 photos at one time.

I'll be back!


Thank you for sharing! The Genesis one is interesting to me, as the body shape is different than anything from tbleague [those jutting hip bones!], but also not exactly like the Jiaou shapes either. I like to see variety amongst seamless body shapes, so that's really neat. 

Was the neck peg truly affixed to the head, or was it merely 'stuck' in there? I ask cause that happened to the one and only Jiaou body I have handled...the neck peg slide out and became stuck inside the head I had on it.

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Excellent review. Thanks for taking the time.

As far as posting images goes, I've updated the following link (post #2) to include information about working with/around the 3 image limit at a time:


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2 - Mai Shiranui - "Genesis" and "SuperDuck" versions REVIEW Bnp4ba10
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