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Mezco BVS Superman Henry Cavill Bootleg (Review)

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Pros: Despite being a bootleg, it looks very good as long as you don't use a magnifying glass or a camera's zoom function to find imperfections, joints are firm and can be wiggled to loosen up a bit, costume seems to fit well and it's stretchy durable.

Cons: The headsculpts have imperfections, the paint application isn't great if you look closely, there's actually dried paint that makes Superman look like he has acne, although firm joints are good, sometimes they get too tight and you have to wiggle them loose, neck ball joint can get stuck in the head and you'll have to figure out a way to pull it out.

Full Review Here Smile

superman - Mezco BVS Superman Henry Cavill Bootleg (Review) 03-tray

superman - Mezco BVS Superman Henry Cavill Bootleg (Review) 13-end4

superman - Mezco BVS Superman Henry Cavill Bootleg (Review) 14-end5

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Thanks for the review. I got the MAFEX version, which isn't perfect either.

I'll be back!

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