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NEW PRODUCT: TBLeague Sinful Suzi 1/6 Scale Action Figure (PL2019-150)

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GeeWillikers wrote:
skywalkersaga wrote:Update: the Sinful Suzi body arrived today! Can definitely confirm that, as Stryker noted, those aren’t ankle extenders on the legs, they are just rubber padding and can be easily pulled off of one wishes.

Overall I really like this body, it’s just even more curvy and buxom than I was expecting! I don’t mind that, but it does mean I will probably have to majorly rework the outfit I’d had planned , as well as probably find a new head sculpt to use with it. I’ve still got several other WIPs to go before I get back to working on this one, so hopefully by then I can figure out a suitable alternative headsculpt. The main issue is that the large bosoms on this body make the head I was using look super small — especially since it’s bald. Will have to think on it...

Interesting... I won't be buying this because the skintone isn't compatible with anything I have in mind, but I'm curious to know, is the basic body type recognisable or is it unique to this figure (at least so far)?

To my eyes it looks pretty much exactly like the Kier and Gethsemoni bodies, just in white skintone.

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I think I ordered my body around the same time you did on ebay, but my shipping info hasn't updated since May 30th. I hope it's not stuck somewhere...


gooboo — you’re in the US, right? I’m in the UK, and sometimes I do receive certain items from Chinese sellers quite quickly. It probably depends on where you are located, so don’t worry if it takes a bit longer in your case. : )

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