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Tips for good maintenance?

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1Tips for good maintenance? Empty Tips for good maintenance? Mon Aug 01, 2022 5:07 pm


Hello everyone.

After a long wait I have just got a "Tbleague" figure 1/6 to use as reference for drawing!!

Researching, I read you must do maintenance often, so the materials don’t degrade. And I'm new with this one!

The product says to change the pose every two days. Is that necessary or it’s fine to store it in it’s box on the default position?

Which temperature is best for this type of products? Here in Spain, we’re having a heatwave right now.

What type of product should I use on the doll to maintain its elasticity and keep it from deteriorating?

Thank you!!

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They should be fine in the box they came in. Best to keep them in a cool, dark place at all times. You shouldn’t have to do much else other than if the powder rubs off and you start to feel the skin getting tacky, apply corn starch or talcum powder. Rub it in gently, it doesn’t take much. You can use a makeup brush or something similar to wipe off the excess.


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Tips for good maintenance? C8485110

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Hello, and welcome! Smile

Yes, the tbleague bodies are fine if kept inside the original box. You don't have to do anything to them in that case. I have some that have been in boxes for years, and they are still in good condition. It's only if you are posing them with the limbs bent at the joints that you need you make sure to change the pose every few days. And, as Stryker says, if they are being handled regularly, you may have to occassionally add more powder to them so the skin doesn't get tacky/sticky.

Enjoy your new models!

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