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Stryker2011 wrote:1. Yes to applying the powders in your question. However, avoid washing them as much as possible. If you are just removing dust and lint, use a makeup brush or similar instead.

2. Basically just more muscle definition on the legs of the 35.

3. Already been answered for you. (Another trick is to coat the body part in more of the powder — but this can get messy.)

4. & 5. The materials used by both HT and Jiaou for their seamless bodies aren’t half as resilient as TBL, but if treated with care, kept out of direct sunlight, and not left in any extreme poses for any length of time, you should be fine. Keeping them in an area of your house that doesn’t suffer from extreme fluctuations in temp and humidity will also go a long way to preserving ANY of these figures (clothing and bodies included). Extremes in posing can sometimes cause damage to any of the skin — particularly at joint points where the material is thinner, or where it gets overly stretched — so be careful.

6. I’ve never had an issue putting HT hands on TBL bodies, though I’ve never had a need to go the other way.

7. Already been answered.


As for #2...wow.That's it? Huh. I got a Conan set and the seller said/recommended the M35, putting the boots on the M34 was so hard. One of the pair tore apart just as I was getting it on. It's salvageable but only if you're not looking at it. I wish I posted this first.

#6...Anyone know offhand the diameter of HT wrist connectors?
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