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Another one I forgot to unbox from a long time ago, God Goku Smile I always found it weird how Goku can just use mind powers to read people's mind.  Razz

#Figuarts #God #Goku #Broly #Super #Dragonball
I managed to open another one of my boxed toys from a few months ago, this time it's Figuarts Mr. Satan lol! Although primarily a comedic character in Dragon Ball, he always manages to "save the day". What if Mr. Satan actually had unholy powers? Very Happy

#Figuarts #MrSatan #Broly #Bee
I made this thing as a stress relief for a terrible thing that USPS did to my package today. Boxes of Broly, Gogeta, and War Machine MK4 were badly damaged despite being well packed by the seller.

Fortunately the only things that were damaged were War Machine's blast effects. I'm a magnet for bad things, oh well.

#Figuarts #Broly #Dragonball #Super #USPS

Search found 3 matches for Broly

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