Chapter 6: Grass Flower Family
Section 1: Provoking disputes

Buddhism: The reason why people are suffering is to pursue the wrong things.
Budda said: People feel the pain for their pursuit of wrong things.

The Caohua family is a very special family. He is not entirely a Chinese force and does not belong entirely to the Japanese forces. He is actually a family in which Neil combines the gangs of the two countries. This still goes back to Neil’s original and The relationship between the Chinese and Japan is also due to the integration of Neil to earn a color for the Asian forces. The two forces also often alternate positions back and forth.
The grass flower family is a very regular family. Each card needs to be re-screened every 3 years, some in the form of competition and some in the form of contributions. Depending on the position, the way of the test is different.
But as the two gangs of the new generation are about to succeed, the old tradition and the embarrassment are facing a collapse. As the family grew bigger and the interests began to expand, everyone began to calculate for their own interests. The Chinese forces have developed rapidly in the past 20 years, especially after cleaning up the Vietnamese gangs, the Chinese chassis has further expanded. Let the Chinese forces begin to be dissatisfied with sharing the grass flower badge with the Japanese forces. In recent years, the Japanese family has also made great strides in expanding the chassis and operations, and has gained the support of the Japanese gangsters. The Japanese family has also begun to be reluctant to share this, but Neil is still there, Hongwu is still there, Taro is still In the end, they are still not dead, so the three leaves are still connected, and the two forces are still unable to make a big move, but they have gradually begun to swell with time. But after all, the Neil three people are getting old every day. He can only let the grass flower family maintain a temporary peace.
Born in the United States, the grass flower 2 Wu Jianhao is the orphan of the grass flower k Hongwu once was able to take it. When he was very young, he was adopted as a son. Hongwu did not cultivate him very much. Together with Ah Hao’s talent, his outstanding body is a good seed of Xiwu. . Jianhao martial arts progressed rapidly, especially when he combined the Japanese Samurai and the Chinese short sticks to create a set of knives that were outstanding. In the battle with Japan, Sasaki won the grass 2 Card position.
At 3 o'clock in the morning, a speedboat in a small port on the outskirts was moored on the shore. Several Japanese people wearing black suits were rushing to carry several large boxes and disembarked. At this time, several cars had been waiting on the shore and coming down from the car. A burly black man, one of whom is wearing a white suit, is a Japanese family's Sasaki. Sasaki zippo is preparing to light a cigarette. Suddenly a few lights in the distance are coming from the car. After more than a dozen Chinese armed with heavy weapons, one of the young people came down from the car and went straight to Sasaki, who looked at him. "Mr. Sasaki, do you want to travel so late?"
"Hao" Sasaki responded with a brow in his head.
"If my information is correct, then these bronze Buddha statues in the box are smuggled out in China. Hongye wants them to recognize their ancestors." Jianhao looked at the wooden boxes and looked at the sharp geology and asked Sasaki.
"These Buddha statues are very much liked by Mr. Taro, and they have been abolished for many twists and turns. You won't want to talk to Mr. Taro," Sasaki replied sneerly.
"I am not qualified to talk to the elderly of Taro, but since you and I are here we can talk." Jianhao looked at Sasaki with cold eyes.
"What do you want to talk about?" Sasaki ignited a cigarette and asked with amazement.
Jianhao took his special metal stick knife from the entourage and said it in his hand: "I know that the last time you won the game, you lost to me, it’s not convincing, let’s make a bet, if you win me. I will abdicate you to the card of Caohua 2, if you lose these Buddha statues, please go."
Sasaki's cold eyes twitched and looked at Jianhao. He extended a hand to the entourage behind him. He followed the heart and went to the car to take out a Japanese cockroach. After taking the knife, Sasaki took off his suit and went to Jianhao. The action of the warrior duel.
Jianhao held a fist and held a fist, but Jianhao was the right fist of the line (intended to learn).
In the first few rounds, Jianhao did not take a knife, but fought in the form of a short stick. After a flaw in Sasaki, Jianhao quickly took a knife and cut the shirt of Sasaki for a moment. Ahao held the knife with one hand and a knife. After playing a few rounds with Sasaki, Jian Hao’s mouth sneered and twisted the knives and scabbards to form a long knife. This is the kind of knife that Ahao Japanese Samurai and Japanese martial arts have combined. Law, and surely, a few rounds down, Sasaki's body has already presented two or three blood. After a flaw, Jian Hao's knife holder was on the neck of Sasaki.
"You just take it away. I can't explain it to Mr. Taro. Mr. Hong must give Mr. Taro an explanation." Sasaki looked at the eyes of Jianhao and said in his carrying box, staring at Ahao.
"Buddha: The reason why people are suffering is to pursue the wrong things." Looking at Sasaki's angry face, Jianhao replied sarcastically.
After seeing the Buddha statue in the box opened under his hand, he waved his hand to the next hand. After the box was loaded with the train, Jianhao and several cars went away.
Jianhao’s car drove down to a remote bridge hole and got off to another extended Lincoln car, sitting alone in the shadow of the car.
"This will make it difficult for Hongye to do it." Jianhao looked at the opposite and asked.
"The family will have to go this step sooner or later, and it is impossible for the Japanese to share this badge all the time." The opposite black shadow replied gloomyly.
"I hope it is right to do this." Jianhao looked out of the window in confusion.

The opposite black shadow was silent for a moment and said: "The Buddha is a awake person, and the person is an unawake Buddha."

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The carp fish on his pants (the symbol of strength and courage)

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CHAPTER 6: The Club Family
Section 1: Start the Fight

Budda said: People feel the pain for their pursuit of wrong things.
Out of all the families, the Club Family is a unique one. It is not totally belonged to the Chinese gang nor the Japanese gang. It is actually a family that Neil made together. This traced back to Neil's old days when he had businesses with Both the Chinese and the Japanese. Neil's effort of integration put the Asian gangs on the map, and they switch positions quite often.
The Club family runs by rules, the cards will be reshuffled every three years. Sometimes the selection would be based on their forces, some by contribution to the gang. sing the position at stake, the rules might be different.
However, along with the succession of two new heads, old traditions and harmony is falling apart. While the family is growing bigger and stronger, stakes and interests are higher. Each member has plans for his owner share. After 20 years of rapid expansion and Driving out the Vietnamese gang, the Chinese gang members strive to have the Club symbol to their own. The Japanese family also had widened its maps. Backed up by Japanese homeland Yakuza, they are not satisfied with the sharing state as well. With Neil, Neither one could have exceptional moves to break the tradition. But as time goes by, both parties come to the point of battle-pitch. As Neil and the other two getting Older, managing the temporary peace is all that they can do.
The 2 of Club, Van Ness, was born in America. He was the orphan of Hong Wu's top lieutenant, and was adopted by Hong since young age. Hong Wu put real efforts on him. Hao was smart and strong as well, soon to Be trained to a Kong Fu master. He created his own set of swordsmanship combining Japanese Kanata and Chinese short stick. With that skillset, he outrun Sasaki of the other side and won the place of 2 of Club.
3 am in a small harbor outside the city, a motor boat stopped by the shore. Several Japanese in black suits were moving some big boxes from the boat, while a few cars waiting. One man in white suit stood out in the group of some Strong built men in black came out of the car. Sasaki, from the Japanese gang, that was. He took out a Zippo and lit up a cigarette, while suddenly, headlights came closing fast. A bunch of Chinese gang members came out of the Car, heavily armed. A young man walked straight up to Sasaki and said, "Mr. Sasaki, out for a ride at this time of day?"
"Hao." Sasaki turned back and frowned.
"If my source was right, these bronze figures of Buddha were smuggled from Chinese mainland. Mr. Hong would like them to go back to their home." Van Ness glanced at those boxed and fired the question.
"Taro San loved these figures. And they cost a lot of efforts. I figured that you might want to talk to Taro San." Sasaki answered with a grim.
"I'm not in the position to talk to Mr. Taro. But since you are here, maybe we could talk." Van Ness looked at Sasaki with cold eyes.

"How do you want to talk?" Sasaki lit up another cigarette, smiling strangely.
"I know that you are not convinced since the last time when we fight for the position. Let's have a bet. If you win, I give up the 2 The Club. If I win, I take the Buddha."
Sasaki responded with a sneer, and reached out to his men. His entourage got a Katana from the car and put it into his hand. Sasaki took off his suit and set in Samurai fighting position.
Van Ness responded with a hold fist salute. Left hand opened in palm and right hand as fist, which means comparing notes but not competing of life and death.
For the first several rounds, Van Ness did not pull out his sword, only fight with the stick end. The moment Sasaki showed a flaw, Van Ness whipped out the sword and slashed Sasaki's shirt. He continued to fight a few rounds with the stick In one hand and the sword in another. Then with a grim on his face, Van Ness combined the two parts together into a long sword. This is his brand of creation. Soon Sasaki got quite a few slashes. After another flaw, Van Ness Held his sword on Sasaki's neck.
"I don't know what to tell Taro San. Mr. Hong must give us an explanation" Sasaki stared at Van Ness' members, who were loading the boxes into the car.
"Budda said: People feel the pain for their pursuit of wrong things" Van Ness scornfully.
Van Ness looks into the boxes and waved at his men. They left with all the boxes.
Van Ness's car stopped at an obscure bridge and walked into another Lincoln limo. A man was in the shadow on the other side.
"This will make difficulties for Mr. Hong" Van Nessquestioned.
"The families will come to this point, sooner or later. Sharing the Club symbol is not sustainable." The shadow answered gloomily.
"I wish this is the right thing to do." Van Ness looked out of the window, eyes filled with confuse.


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DAMTOYS 1/6 Gangster Kingdom--------- Grass Flower 2 Wu Jianhao Van Ness

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Head carving HEADSCULP
Naked hands x6 PALM X 6

Black T-shirt BLACK T-SHIRT
Distressed jeans JEANS
Black belt BLACK BELT
Reversible knife cover BACK - SLUNG KNIFE CASE
Weapon package ARMS PACKAGE
Waist chain + wallet WAIST CHAIN ​​+ PURSE
Leather tooling boots (one pair) LEATHER OVERALLS BOOTS (A PAIR)

M1911 pistol X2 M1911 PISTOL X2
Long knife + scabbard LONG KNIFE + SCABBARD
Folding knife SWITCHBLADE
Bracelet X2 BRACELET X2
Necklace X2 NECKLACE X2

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There will be a brown limited edition with a total of 200 sets mixed in large quantities for sale.

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