Great Twins Terminator (Quick Review) - Sat May 18, 2019 5:33 am

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Quick Review:

Great Twins Terminator is pretty nice but far from perfect. Unfortunately mine has missing/damaged paint on the right side of his face and that's why I can't take close up pictures of him (and I have to use some filters to hide the issues and take pictures in the dark, hide the right side of his face), otherwise he'd look like he's got chickenpox or weird skin problems.

Posability is pretty good. It even has drop-down shoulders to help extend the range of motion of his arms. Elbows and knees can bend really well. The feet on mine seem to be a little "weak" but fortunately can still hold poses. Articulation overall is quite similar to Mezco Jason's so it's very good.

The left wrist hole where the peg connects for hands is loose, so the left hand falls easily. This also makes changing left hands very hard because you either have to position the peg 90 degrees and pull on the hand in order to take it off, otherwise, you'd pull the entire hand with the peg still inside it.

I find the accessories to be quite smaller than I expected. The handgun seems tiny especially when Arnold's holding it. Shotgun seems thin and short, although I'm not sure if it's supposed to be really the short type of shotgun. Grenade launcher seems ok. Minigun is the best, I guess that's why it's what Arnold's been holding all the time in the promo pictures. The grenade launcher belt that has shells on it is very nice and it has some weight to it! There's also a nice bag that Arnold can carry around.

When I compare this to a Mezco toy like Jason Voorhees, I say that Mezco is still the better one. I have a few Mezco toys here like Popeye, Jason Voorhees, and the two Dawn of the Dead zombies. All of them arrived without quality control issues at all. This is my first Great Twins toy and I've already encountered a major problem, which is paint damage on the one single face it has and the loose left wrist hole problem. It's a good attempt by Great Twins if this problem isn't widespread, but they're not yet at the level of Mezco. I'd think twice before buying the next time I see a Great Twins toy I'm interested in.

All in all, Great Twins Terminator is good and it's currently my favorite Terminator toy because it easily scales well with my Figuarts and Figma toys. My enjoyment of it is lowered primarily because of the missing/damaged paint on my Arnold's face and then the loose left wrist hole. I imagine that the horrible paint defect on my Arnold's face is rare because all of the video reviews I've seen on Youtube and the pictures I've seen on the internet have perfect paint application on Arnold's face and they don't have the loose left wrist hole problem. I must have simply been the unlucky one to receive a defective/damaged Great Twins Terminator. Hopefully, I'd be able to receive a replacement Arnold head at least because the point of buying this Terminator in the first place was the beautiful realistic head, which I unfortunately received a bad one of.

Quick Score if my Arnold had a perfect face paint application: 9/10.

Quick Score taking into consideration I received a bad Arnold head and a problematic loose left wrist hole: 7/10.

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