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Star Wars Sideshow Dengar weapon upgrade - Sun May 12, 2019 4:09 pm

Sideshow has produced a full pack of Empire Strikes Back bounty hunters, including Dengar. These are all generally excellent figures, but in Dengar's case they overlooked one fairly signature detail when it came to his long blaster rifle. In the film (though not in some of the released pre-production photos), Dengar sported a modified MG 42 with the bipod and buttstock removed. Sideshow's weapon is beautifully sculpted and painted (even if a bit too evenly for my taste), and has the bipod removed; but the buttstock is still there. While I would agree that the weapon looks silly without the buttstock, we are supposed to strive for movie accuracy, are we not?

So instead of modifying the Sideshow piece, I purchased an inexpensive 1/6 MG 42 kit on eBay, put it together without the bipod and buttstock, and finally got around to painting/weathering it. I wanted to give it a used, worn appearance, and to reduce the plastic-looking effect of, well, black plastic. I think it turned out reasonably well, even if the less accurate Sideshow weapon has finer detail.

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What do you think?

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Here is my custom/kitbash attempt at Aurra Sing, a bounty hunter who had a cameo in The Phantom Menace during the pod-race scene. I wasn't able to do everything I would have liked with her (like the elongated fingers), but I still think she turned out sort of cool. I had originally wanted to use a much skinnier body (The TBLeague S18A - Pale), but all my attempts to white the body were a massive failure. Ended up scavenging a body from one of my two Lady Death figures (I was a bit bummed about that, but it is what it is). The Lady Death body is, as many know, a much bustier and muscular body than is appropriate for this character -- particularly considering that the lovely lady who played the role in the film was a tall, lanky runway model. I used a combination of parts to make this figure, and ended up making several. I had originally purchased a blank, bald female head sculpt off eBay to use for the head, but honestly, it just didn't seem right for this character. Aurra has a rather elongated skull, and I just couldn't make it look right -- even after adding modeling clay to her noggin. (I might revisit that at some point). I ended up sticking with the Hasbro head sculpt, even though the head sculpt is slightly more grey than the body used, I think it actually works fairly well. Ultimately, this figure is going in my Jabba the Hutt display.


Parts breakdown:

Head - Hasbro Aurra Sing (had to modify it to get it to fit on the TBLeague)
Body - Lady Death Version 1
Vest - Hasbro Aurra Sing
Hands - Lady Death Version 2
Laser Pistols - Hasbro Aurra Sing (not removable at this point thanks to the restraining straps on the holsters)
Rifle - modified Luke Skywalker Episode IV (Hot Toys)
rifle scope -- HT Last Jedi Luke Skywalker "lightning rod"
rifle scope mount -- piece of the Hasbro Aurra Sing rifle
rifle sling -- Hasbro Aurra Sing rifle sling
holsters and belts -- custom made using ultra-thin, double layered Kangaroo skin
Boots - brown "Black Widow" knock-offs from eBay
Orange body Suit -- modified from a full body suit. Big shout out to Blackpool for helping me acquire this. Went a little crazy with the scissors trying to cut off the sleeves, and caught a bit around the torso -- I call it "battle damage"
Belt pouches on the rifle sling and on the belts -- HT Deadpool 2 belt pouches
Lightsaber -- I honestly can't remember who's it's supposed to be, but it is an HT item gotten off eBay.
wrist wraps and bicep wrap -- cut from the Hasbro Aurra Sing bodysuit

As always, comments and criticism welcome.

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Product Review - SideShow Zuckuss - Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:43 am

Yesterday my Pre-ordered Zuckuss and Dengar figures arrived cheers cheers

I have already reviewed the Dengar figure here:

The figures were both pre-ordered here in the UK from:

So now its time to look at Zuckuss.

I was cautious about buying this figure because I have had a Hasbro 12" Zuckuss for a while and thought he was actually ok, and so I did not know if I wanted to pay for the SideShow figure for whats is a very background character.  In the end I obviously did buy him, and whilst this is definitely more detailed than the Hasbro offering I don't think it is such a big upgrade as Dengar is.

This is much the same as Dengar, and all other SideShow Star Wars packaging so I won't dwell on this here.  I will however say that again on this box the cardboard used seems slightly thinner than previous SideShow boxes, and the overlapped seam which forms that box did not appear to have enough glue applied and was separating straight out of the brown packing box.  It just does not feel as good a quality as previous boxes from SideShow have.  Quite disappointing for a collectors model at this price point, as for many, including me, the packaging is part of the whole.

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The Figure

Let me start by saying that this is a good figure.  I probably don't think it warrants the asking price but that is unfortunately the 1/6 world we live in  Rolling Eyes

I think the sculpt of the head is very good and it has those lovely sort of translucent eyes similar to those seen on the earlier 4-LOM figure.  From certain angles they really bring the head to life.  It is difficult to tell from movie stills how accurate the colouring is but it looks right to me. The mix of organic and mechanical elements in the head has been handled very well and the overall impression is very convincing.

The figure itself seems to me to be slightly to tall.  Only by a few millimetres, but I think it is noticeable.  To my eye the extra height is found in the chest area, it just seems to long. This can be mitigated when posing the figure by bending the torso forward a little, but this is not that easy to do and only partly solves the issue.  The extra height also seem to make the figure look too slim, and he does not have the quite squat, dumpy, look of the film character.

The costume is very good, and I like the leather belt and harness which has magnetic closures on the pouches. The leather could have been made to look slightly more "used" but it is ok as it is really.  
The long coat is superb, and looks just like it should.  It has a slight silver sheen to it, and looks worn and used to a perfect finish.  To me it does feel a little freaky to the touch Shocked I can only describe it as "crispy", and every time I touch it I fear that I will damage it in some way but it does seem to be able to deal with being handled normally though.  
There are some really cool boots under that coat which are sadly all but covered up.
The pipes and breathing apparatus are all sculpted very well and are flexible enough to pose without feeling fragile.  I particularly like the back panel which given the available pictures of the film costume must be "imagined" by SideShow and they have done a grand job of it.

Extras are limited to the blaster and spare hands.  There is the usual hexagonal base as well but as this is included with every figure it is hardly an extra.  
That said what extras could have been added for a character that has as limited a screen appearance as this one.  I suppose that at the price asked for this figure I expect a little bit more, but then I guess I am really paying SideShow to complete my collection Crying or Very sad
The blaster is very nicely done.  I believe the movie prop was made with an Enfield rifle as the base, and this can be seen well in the model too.  Parts of it do look quite fragile, especially given the shape and size of Zuckuss' hands, but it is actually quite robust.

The articulation of this figure is not great, although I think this is largely due to the limits of movement in the costume.  That said SideShow's Jawas have a good range of movement and similar costumes so I think SideShow could have done better in the articulation department with this one.  If you are looking for the pose from the movie then you are ok, but anything more might be a bit more of a challenge.

This is clearly an improvement over the Hasbro figure, but I do think the price is a little excessive for what you get.  
You can achieve a reasonable movie accurate look with this figure but the extra length in the chest area is apparent whatever you do.  
Achieving more action poses will be a challenge given the limits imposed on articulation by the costume (and the fear of damaging that crispy feeling coat Laughing )

I am very pleased with this figure.  Would I buy it again given that the Hasbro is actually pretty good (with a bit of extra paint on it)?  Yes I think I would, but I do think SideShow are asking for a high premium on this figure because they know that some collectors will pay more to complete their collections.  It does feel like I have been taken advantage of a little bit because of my penchant for collecting Star Wars Bounty Hunters Laughing Laughing Laughing Rolling Eyes

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And a couple to compare this figure with the Hasbro 12" figure.  Some of the height difference is the extra height of the SideShow base.

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Thank you for reading this review, and I hope you found it interesting and helpful.

As always any comments are very welcome.

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Product Review - SideShow Dengar - Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:28 am

My Dengar figure from SideShow arrived today along with his pal Zuckuss.  The extra wait is typical of the UK 1/6 market, but they are here now. cheers  cheers  cheers

On to what I think of this figure.
I have been waiting, mostly patiently, for someone to release a good interpretation of Dengar the Bounty Hunter from TESB.  Up till now this character has been filled in my collection by the Hasbro 12" offering, which, whilst OK after a bit of extra paintwork being done, still leaves a lot to be desired when displayed alongside my other Bounty Hunters (now all SideShow).

Once this Figure was announced I knew it would be in my collection.  I bought it via here in the UK as they then handle all the import etc.  It does mean paying a bit more and the extra wait, but I know what I am paying up front with no extra charges on delivery Very Happy .  As soon as they had it to preorder I preordered.

The figure itself comes in the now standard SideShow Star Wars packaging.  A brown outer packing box, then the black with grey accents Box which has 3 different 3/4 length photos of the figure, one on each of the front, back, and inside the flap.  The flap is magnetically held closed and opens to reveal the figure itself behind a clear window, and the previously mentioned photo of the figure.
Now, upon opening this box it seemed to me as though SideShow might have used a slightly thinner cardboard than I had previously seen, and indeed comparing the box to older SideShow Star Wars boxes it does seem very marginally but noticeably thinner!!!  Both this box and the one Zuckuss came in also had the seam which closed the box coming apart at the top.  It seems as though there might not have been enough glue used to construct the box.  Minor things sure but with this being a collector figure I would not expect SideShow to be skimping on packaging as I think they may have been here, especially at the price point.

The figure itself is cocooned in a clear plastic shell along with his weapons, and has a second clear plastic shell beneath with the stand, backpack and spare hands.  This is all fine and seems to hold all the parts well for transit as nothing had moved.

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The Figure
The figure itself is I think a very, very, good rendition of the movie character, and certainly the best that has been available in this scale to date.  The proportions seem good, and the level of detail is good given the source material SideShow had available must have been quite limited.  We only see Dengar for a few seconds in TESB and again in very shadowy scenes in Jabba's palace in ROTJ.  Other than this we only have a very limited number of promotional stills in which Dengar seems to have switched weapons with 4-LOM!!

The feet seem well done, although the nature of the boots he is wearing make the right boot look more like a left boot from certain angles.  
The armour is crisp and well represented, the base colour looks good, and the over all impression is good.  Dengars armour in the still photos available does look a bit more worn, and whilst there is some weathering on the figures armour, a little bit more might have been welcome.  
The backpack is superb with individual parts and straps all very well done.  It attaches to the back of the figure with a magnet and seems to hold well.  The other pouches etc are all well done, but i did need to pad out the one on the left hip a little to get the exact look I was after.

The weapons supplied are good.  The blaster pistol is excellent, and is a tight fit for the leather holster which is riveted to the leg armour, and has a magnetic retention strap.  The MG42 used to represent the Blaster Rifle which appears in TESB is also a very nice piece.  It is of course different from the blaster seen in the promo pics as this was MG34 based.  
As has been mentioned in other reviews of this figure, the MG42 used in the film seems to have had the butt stock removed, whereas the one supplied here still has the stock attached.  It is a small detail, but it would have been nice if SideShow had spotted this.

I think the head sculpt on this figure is very good, the scaring to the right cheek, eyes and the skin tone seem spot on to me.  
Some have said a cloth turban instead of the moulded rubber one would have been nice, but I actually like the idea of the moulded one.  That said, to me the angle at the front of the turban formed where the wraps overlap is a bit too shallow to be screen accurate.  I found it difficult to get the "right" look with it, but found a position for it which I am happy with in the end.  
I like the cloth cowl/hood which I think looks very good when positioned well.  
Mine arrived with the cowl outside the breast plate, but movie stills seem to show the front tucked under the armour, with the lip on the edge of the neck of the armour visible.  This is easily remedied and the cowl looks spot on to my eyes once tucked under the armour.

I think that the basic articulation of the figure is actually pretty good, however many of the joints are limited in their movement by the padded under suit.  It would be great if SideShow and other manufacturers could find a way to use these padded under suits, which are essential to the look of the figure, without them limiting the otherwise excellent articulation.  
Fortunately I tend to play with a figure until I have a pose with which I am happy, and then I display them and largely leave them alone.  If you like to repose figures regularly or to change the pose for photography etc.. then the limit on the movement of this figure created by the under suit and general costuming may be frustrating.
I would also have liked it if the hands were just a little bit softer.  They aren't exactly hard to position on accessories, but if they were just a tad softer it would make this easier.

There is the included hexagonal black stand with the Star Wars logo on the bottom of it, which is pretty standard for SideShow, but other extras are limited to the weapons and 3 sets of alternative hands.  I suppose an MG34 as seen in the promo pics might have been a nice addition for anyone who wanted to follow that look, but that may be a bit tenuous to include as an extra scratch .  
It is difficult to see what other extras SideShow might have included, but at the price point it might have been nice if they imagined up something else to put in the box.

I love this figure Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy It closes a hole in my Bounty Hunter collection that I have been looking to fill for a number of years.  A reasonably film accurate pose can be achieved even though we only really see him in TESB in one pose for a few seconds at most, and I think he looks great alongside the rest of his Bounty Hunter chums.  
It really is nice to have a decent looking Dengar at last, and whilst there are some things I think could have been done differently it is still a great figure and one that any Star Wars Bounty Hunter fan surely ought to have.

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A couple of pics with the Hasbro 12" Dengar he replaces for reference.

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and a pic with Zuckuss, and with all his TESB Bounty Hunter mates Very Happy

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Thanks for taking the time to read this, And I hope it was useful.  

All comments are as always welcome.

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Look what arrived today - Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:05 am

cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

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Well, after an all but 4 month wait (I preordered 14th January) My Dengar and Zuckuss figures arrived today. bounce bounce bounce

I have been waiting for these for so long really, in order to complete my ESB Bounty Hunter collection properly.

I will post a quick review of both in separate threads once I have had a bit more time with them, and of course there will be some pics with their Bounty Hunter buddies.  

I couldn't wait to put up some pics though so for now the boxes will have to suffice Laughing Laughing Laughing

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Watch this space!!!

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