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Hi all. Sometime ago we received a suggestion to move new product announcements to their separate section, as they can sometime overwhelm the list of topics in General Talk. At the time the forum was smaller and new products were not announced every day. All that has changed since, and the amount of new product announcements is staggering -- which is welcome, yet overwhelming. Accordingly, we decided to move all new product announcements to their special sub-page. We hope this will not be inconvenient, as you can find it very easily either on the forum homepage or listed above the sticky and regular posts in the general talk page; as with other sections of the forum, you will be able to see an indication of new postings there even without going into it. Just in case, here is the New Product Announcements page url:

I take the opportunity to thank Stryker2011 and all others who are posting new product announcements for general benefit.

#announcement #newproduct #discussion
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Some food for thought. I came across the following video, which seemed to have plenty of good points, some of which had occurred to me and others had not. I am not sure I agree with everything, but it does touch upon plenty of things that come up in our discussions. Take a moment, if you will, to check it out and let us know what you think -- what resonated, what you agree with, what you disagree with, what was overlooked.

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What's the deal with interest threads here? I assume they're allowed? I know the banner at the top reads "with an emphasis on either custom or commercial".

Darklord Dave just deleted the whole section over at SSF.

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Wish list - Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:42 pm

I haven't seen a thread on this topic so I thought I would start one. What figures do you wish were available?

I have a few:

1. Norma, Norman and Dylan from the TV series: Bates Motel

2. Paris from the film: Troy (I don't know why Pangea stopped with Achilles and Hector?)

3. Main characters from Trueblood

4. Main characters from Preacher! Pleeeeease!

5. Main characters from Riverdale

6. To Phicen: Please work out how to do Black figures! So many characters I want to do seamless!

7. Realistic ancient Greeks, Thracians, Sythians, Persians etc.

8. Moors, Saracens etc. So many different types of armour!

I know, I know... I watch too much TV.

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See subject.

DISCLAIMER: The following opinion / post is that of the posting member only.  It does not reflect the views of the group's owner, moderators, or members.


Throughout the years, I've been a member of a variety of 1:6 discussion covering a variety of 1:6 genres and interests.  Every 1:6 discussion group whether it's an actual discussion group forum or a social media discussion group have its pros and cons.

There are some who may believe and feel that 1:6 discussion groups should not have any kind of negativity whatsoever at all.  To me . . . that comes off as a being "HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY".

I understand there are some 1:6 discussion groups where "negativity" is a recurring theme in various ways ranging from high strung admins, moderators, members, etc. along with fanatical favoritism towards a particular brand, etc. as well as non-stop plethora of very critical and harsh perspectives and views of this and that.

With that said . . . the intent and purpose of any 1:6 discussion group . . . more or less . . . is not about negativity . . . though there are some that are perceived and viewed that way.

IMHO . . . and mine alone for this discussion / post . . . there will be discussions at times about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the 1:6 hobby ranging from suck @$$ figures and poor practices of 1:6 brands, 1:6 vendors, etc.  That is a reality.  Granted, there may be an occasional trend of where there is more than the usual instances of the preceding due to circumstances and timing.

There are many of us who belong to different 1:6 discussion groups.  I know that.  That is the reality.  Some of us may be more selective on where we choose to actively / regularly participate.  I understand that.  I do the same.

I just felt the need to address this since I have a reputation for addressing the elephant in the room considering I've been the elephant in the room at times.

I want everyone to enjoy their stay here with realistic and reasonable expectations.

That's it.  If you read all this, then thank you.

Again, the preceding is my own opinion and does not reflect the views of the group's owner, moderators, and members.

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To quote Arthur Bishop from The Mechanic (2011), "Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment" (brought to you courtesy of DeltaForceChung's signature). In this thread, you are invited to share your experience in dealing with stains on your action figures -- seamed or seamless, hard plastic or soft silicon alike. Tell us what works and what doesn't work or even backfires.

I will start with some examples of my own.

Fittingly enough, my head sculpt of Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) from the ZC Toys Mechanic 2.0 set (see here: ) suffered some staining when I placed a sea captain's hat on it (not sure why I did that) and the black pleather lining came into contact with the hard plastic surface for a few days. I followed the recommended procedure, washed it gently with soap and water, and applied Benzoyl Peroxide to it (more specifically, AcneFree Terminator 10, which is 10% this active ingredient). After repeating the procedure maybe 20 times every other day or so, the stain has completely disappeared.

The same worked with the recent "plump" body from WorldBox, which was stained by its black shorts. Far less successful (because of different plastic or much older stain?) was my treatment of a Kaustic Plastik muscle body, which was stained by a black pleather jacket -- the fight continues.

I have seen the same treatment advice proffered for the seamless silicon bodies. These do seem to gradually absorb some of the staining that they suffer, but I have never had the patience or composure to avoid treating them. Usually that has meant frantically trying to remove some of the stain with a lint brush and copious amounts of protective powder, then letting it be and hoping for the best. In the case of a Jiaou Doll figure (which seems to have a different rubbery "skin" than the Phicen/TBLeague figures), I actually followed the treatment outlined above: washed it, dried it, applied the Benzoyl Peroxide. A couple of days later washed that off and the stain was gone. Victory! However, weeks or months later when I dug out the body from its box to test a skin tone match with a head sculpt, I discovered what you see in the photos below. The "brown" body had broken out into splotches of more intense coloring (which are a bit like make up and can rub off a little on whatever you use to wipe them with). I am not sure whether this is reparable, but I do think it is related to my treatment of the body with the Benzoyl Peroxide. Do you have any advice? Have you tried this on Phicen/TBLeague with the same or different results? At any rate, a cautionary tale.

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#staining #maintenance #repair #cleaning #discussion #advice
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OSF on 3-29-2018 - Sun Apr 29, 2018 4:31 pm

I was in front of my computer and was clicking on OSW when a PM from GubernatorFan popped up with a invitation for me to check out this new forum called which I did (and very happy I did) and than later becoming a late member of the "Dirty Dozen" and a big thank you to our original Founding Fathers the Big 3 GubernatorFan, DeltaForceChung and Rogerbee! Since that we have grown into a platoon and now we have 61 registered users, 5 pages with 3396 messages.

"Thank you to all who joined and the group looks forward to more joining and participating." DFC

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General Nikki - Here's to many more years to come!


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testing area? - Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:45 am

tankgirlfuzzy wrote:I know we are generally against subforums for now, but is there any way we can get a test forum like at OSW so members can try out posting images or trying out sigs and avatars? I think those are the threads we definitely don't want cluttering up the main forum here.

I've obviously been having some technical trouble with one of my threads and would like to try posting some test threads to see what the problem is.

Just a thought. Thanks GF!


This is a good idea. We may not need a subforum though, we could just use maybe this thread itself?  It's not cluttering if it all stays in one thread.

And oh yeah, what's with"GF"?  We really need to figure out what we can call GubernatorFan colloquially.  He's already pointed out that "Guber" isn't great, fair enough.  But there's only room for one GF in my life (maybe two if they don't find out about each other).  Maybe "GFan"?  Laughing
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testing area? - Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:34 am

I know we are generally against subforums for now, but is there any way we can get a test forum like at OSW so members can try out posting images or trying out sigs and avatars? I think those are the threads we definitely don't want cluttering up the main forum here.

I've obviously been having some technical trouble with one of my threads and would like to try posting some test threads to see what the problem is.

Just a thought. Thanks GF!

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Concerning the OSW - Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:30 pm

Stryker2011 wrote:Among those messages was a PM from Li (the new webmaster/admin guy over there) which had been sent to me on Wednesday (again, nothing I could read until today). This is what he had to say:

"Hi there,

I've been notified for a couple of days that your account has been hitting our spam protection filter. A link has been sent out to many users from your account on the forum. Our Canadian Anti-Spam Law protects users from receiving unwanted solicitation. Can you explain what is happening?


So... apparently, sending folks a link to this site is a big no-no through PMs. Just wanted to let you all know. Frankly, I don't really care for the tone his message implies, and as far as I'm concerned I won't be going back to OSW.


Canadian Anti Spam Law restricts itself to Commercial Electronic Messages in a connection with a commercial activity, so to put it bluntly, Li trying to scare off someone sending Private Messages telling people that OSF exists is pretty much blowing smoke where smoke shouldn't be blown.  Voluntary two-way communications between individuals would be exempt even if they did have a business subject (which OSF isn't anyway).  See below from

1. What is CASL?

CASL is a new anti-spam law that will apply to all electronic messages (i.e. email, texts) organizations send in connection with a “commercial activity.” Its key feature requires Canadian and global organizations that send commercial electronic messages (CEMs) within, from or to Canada to receive consent from recipients before sending messages. CASL does not apply to CEMs that is simply routed through Canada.

2. What’s the definition of a “commercial electronic message” (CEM)?

A CEM is any electronic message that encourages participation in a commercial activity, such as an email that contains a coupon or tells customers about a promotion or sale. That said, a message that includes hyperlinks to a website or contains business-related information does not make it a CEM.

CEMs must be sent to an electronic address to be caught by CASL. Confirmations of successful unsubscribes, courtesy SMS sent to roaming customers, and publication of blog posts on micro-blogging and social media sites are out of scope.
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To help with sorting and searching through this forum as we accumulate more and more topics (threads), I invite all members posting a new topic to add hashtags at the end of the first post. If you have already created a topic, you can go back to it, and edit the first post to include the hashtags of your choice. I have gone through a few topics started by others and myself and included some hashtags as a test, but feel free to add more of your own, where applicable. We do not seem to be limited in number of hashtags, so some redundancy is ok (e.g., both #lordoftherings and #lotr).

By clicking on a hashtag, you will be able to see all topics (threads) tagged with it -- you will be taken to a page containing the first posts in these topics (there may be further posts with additional info and images, so you might want to enter the respective topics and follow through). In Profile you can follow specific hashtags of your choice.

Working list of common hashtags below. You are not limited to this, and feel free to supply additional suggestions; so as to minimize the number of hits during searches, please do not put the # in front of your suggestions, which I will integrate into the list. At any rate this should demonstrate the principle of the thing. There are basically three types of hashtags that would apply: descriptive (like #historical or #outdoors), franchise (like #starwars or #aliens), and maker (like #easyandsimple or #hottoys).

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Hello friends! Are there any 1/6 characters you didn't know much or anything about, that made you interested in their background story that you actually started reading or watching the comics, tv show, or movie they're from? Feel free to share them here and talk about them!

For me it's Phicen/TBLeague Shi (Asian version) and the upcoming Inflames Toys Wu Song from Water Margin. Before I had Shi/Ana, I had no idea who she was, but I learned that she's actually a comic book character who even had crossovers with Daredevil and Wolverine.

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Topics tagged under discussion on OneSixthFigures Wolverine_Shi_Dark_Knight_Judgement_Vol_1_1_Second_Variant

For Wu Song, I found out that he's one of the characters from a classic Chinese novel called Water Margin, which was also made into tv series and movies.

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Since I loved the look of the toy and I pre-ordered it simply based on how badass he looks, I decided to go hunt down the tv series the toy version was based on, which was the Water Margin 1998 tv series. Fortunately, despite it being a 20-year old show, I found it on the net with English subtitles and I started watching it. I actually ended up loving the show and Wu Song definitely became my favorite character, especially once you see him do his thing in the final battle despite certain... disadvantages. The tv series focused on only a handful characters at the beginning and the cast just kept growing and growing! Each of them had their own nice story arc, usually involving how they became disillusioned by corrupt government officials or how they got wronged or accidentally (or had to) do something bad and had no other choice but to go to Liangshan Marsh and join a group which aimed to fight for justice and wait for government amnesty even if they've become social outcasts and are considered bandits.

I also love Water Margin's theme song, it's very catchy even if I have no idea what they're saying lol!

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I for one am thrilled that this forum is off to a very promising start with lots of new work being posted and the usual interesting discussions getting going. I have noticed some cross-posting (duplicate posting?) over at OSW of the same work but it seems some of us are hedging our bets and keeping a foot in each door as we try out OSF during this initial period. I am rapidly becoming disillusioned with OSW as I experience my own technical problems, and am seriously considering abandoning that site altogether. It's too bad because if you want eyeballs for your work that site was great but maybe someday this site will attract a much bigger audience (although I like the more intimate camaraderie that's been fostered here in this initial phase).

I wish I could post more often but that's always been a problem of mine, which is that I'll participate in spurts and really get into posting and responding, and then burn out and not do anything for months or even years while I either focus on my other hobbies or just plug away at 1/6 without sharing anything (as has been the case lately). I've found it takes me a huge effort to photograph my work and then try to carefully craft coherent and interesting (I hope) threads describing my work and processes and methods. Over at OSW I haven't posted that much over the years, but I put a lot of effort into almost every thread I started and shared, and before that I did the same at 6thD and SAG when I was active there too.

Which brings me to my point (I know, I know, get to the point, right? Embarassed Question ): I'm genuinely concerned that all that hard work I put into those posts over at OSW might get lost, with all their technical issues and with people leaving etc. Some people are saying "let it die" but what happens to all those posts if VS shuts it all down? For me those are a record of my work, my "legacy" (sounds pompous I know) and I'd hate to lose it if that site goes under. So, my idea is: perhaps we should start an archive section where members can re-post the original threads of old work so that we have a record of stuff we did over there on this site, or at least some of the most important/meaningful work we want to archive. It wouldn't have to crowd out the General Talk section (most of you have probably seen all my old work and aren't interested in seeing it again), but for those who are interested it would be a way for us to check out each other's past work. Unfortunately we would lose all the member's comments from the original OSW threads but at least we could have the original project posts and for those who haven't seen those old threads on this site you can always add new replies.

What do you think? Is it too much work? It would be self-directed so mods/admins don't need to actively archive stuff for us (like they used to do at 6th D).

Interested to hear any and all constructive thoughts.

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Anyone remember this figure? (hehe)
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For those, like me, that have been waiting on this figure, there is possibly some good news.
Kit Chen (onesixthkit) posted this on his FB page earlier this morning. I found it over at the Freaks.

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Hopefully this really is happening.

#newproduct #vts #madmax #film #female #discussion
See title.

One Sixth Striker is my favorite site whenever I need reference pics for the new items out there.  The website is great: neat pictures, well organized, etc.  But I haven't been able to access it for several days now.  Chrome & IE give me the usual "This site can't be reached" message, and my Mac is unable to connect too.

Is this just me or is it a problem for everyone?  Any news on when the site (if it is the problem) will be fixed?

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Kumik male head sculpts - Tue Apr 10, 2018 6:26 am

I have a few female Kumik head sculpts but have never acquired any of the male ones. They’ve come out with some interesting ones recently.  What are they like in terms of quality?  The colours seem random, but it’s difficult to tell online.  I just don’t see them much outside of eBay being used in set-ups in any of the online collecting groups.  Most have attached necks, so modification would be needed.   Chop, chop.  Opinions on the brand?

#discussion #kumik #male #head
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Your Latest Purchase... - Mon Apr 09, 2018 1:24 pm

I thought I'd start a thread like the one over on OSW, which happens to be one of my favorite threads on the site.

Well, I've been spending a bit of money: I bought The Spider figure from Go Hero/Executive Replicas/Phicen: the Star Ace Katniss Everdeen figure from THE HUNGER GAMES (a gift for my daughter); and the 1966 Batman & Robin set from Hot Toys (warehouse find; paid $399.99 plus shipping for the set).

Have any of you purchased anything 1:6 related lately?


#collection #discussion
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Concerning the OSW - Sat Apr 07, 2018 12:56 pm

In case folks are interested, they seem to have fixed the login issue over at OSW. You can now login (but you'll probably have to start with one of those random ones first), get to your settings, and update/save a new password. I was able to get on this morning, but I don't think I'll be staying, or going back.
As many of you know, last weekend, I sent out a blanket PM to about a dozen members whose usernames I could remember, before I couldn't get back on again (today being the 1st day I was able to get back on). I had received PMs back from some of those members (many of whom are now here), but was unable to read them until today. Among those messages was a PM from Li (the new webmaster/admin guy over there) which had been sent to me on Wednesday (again, nothing I could read until today). This is what he had to say:

"Hi there,

I've been notified for a couple of days that your account has been hitting our spam protection filter. A link has been sent out to many users from your account on the forum. Our Canadian Anti-Spam Law protects users from receiving unwanted solicitation. Can you explain what is happening?


So... apparently, sending folks a link to this site is a big no-no through PMs. Just wanted to let you all know. Frankly, I don't really care for the tone his message implies, and as far as I'm concerned I won't be going back to OSW.

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I propose starting a general thread (later to be upgraded to a [b]Sticky thread) for suggestions in finding specific sixth-scale items (head sculpts, weapons, bodies, gear, etc) for everyone to use. (Remember, such threads already exist for reporting tech issues, posting sixth-scale humor, reporting or showcasing useful items; the Sticky threads are located at the top of the General Talk list of threads.)[/b]

I will start if off with a question of my own. I am looking for a decent head sculpt for a sixth-scale Famke Janssen (X-Men's Jean Grey/Phoenix, among many other roles). I know Sideshow did one for her role in the James Bond film Goldeneye, but that is both relatively unrealistic (it is quite old), and also quite atypical for the actress' usual features. So let me know if anyone has suggestions for good lookalikes.

#discussion #quest
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Phicen / Jiaou ? - Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:34 am

Hi All,
by ordering Steel Skeleton Bodys im a little confused now. At first the brand was Phicen, then TB League... now i see the same bodys as Jiaou ? Same stuff, same Quality ? Is the skin tone a shade lighter ? Someone of You has One ?



#discussion #phicen #tbleague #jiaou
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The Toys that Made Us - Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:01 pm

If anyone out there has Netflix, there’s a 4 episode series called The Toys That Made Us (each episode focuses on one particular subject: Star Wars, Barbie, He-Man, & GI Joe). “The minds behind history’s most iconic toy franchises discuss the rise — and sometimes fall — of their billion-dollar creations.” It’s from 2017. Could be interesting.

#tv #discussion
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How should I handle WIP updates? - Sat Mar 31, 2018 8:11 am

I'm never sure how I should handle update pictures for my WIPs.
Should I start a new thread stating updates?
Should I add them to the original post? If so, where?
In the original message or appended at the end of comments?
Should I change the title and add the date the images are updated?
I'm looking for the method that is best for the forum.

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OSF Member Introductions . . . - Fri Mar 30, 2018 12:07 am

See subject.


I believe everyone here knows me.  That's either good or bad.  I've been collecting 1:6 since 1998 when I discovered the ULTIMATE SOLDIER modern military offerings from 21st Century Toys.  I collected pretty much everything military for a while, but focused on primarily modern military.

Then around 2000/2001 my 1:6 collecting focus and niche changed . . . 1:6 female figures.  I started with GI JANE and COOL GIRL/CY GIRL figures and never looked back.

Today, my focus is primarily 1:6 female figures across a variety of genres and themes.  I still collect some modern military figures (mostly from DAMTOYS) and other eras if it hits my fancy.

I'm not the easiest person to get along with online.  I am very opinionated, crass, blunt, etc.  However, you'll always know where I stand up front.

Glad to be here.  I participate mostly on a few Facebook 1:6 discussion groups and the OSW.

That's it.

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Just for the heck of it. I'm curious. I've been off work for about a month now due to chronic illness, and in between Dr.'s visits, infusion treatments, and bouts of exhaustion, I've been working on my Man Cave and trying to get my figures out of their boxes and on display. As I'm going along, I've started cataloging everything. I knew I had more female to male figures, but I wasn't exactly sure what the count was until yesterday. So, anyway... this is what I have so far:

Female Figures in-hand: 142
Male Figures in-hand: 93

So, do you all know what you have? (I'm assuming Chung's going to have us all beat with his massive storage facility Laughing

#discussion #collection #male #female
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Photo testing - Thu Mar 29, 2018 11:51 am

Hosted on google photos (if you can't see the images, scroll down for a different version)

Topics tagged under discussion on OneSixthFigures VM-Nrsb0OItoT5pbLHhXWlvGuFfsFwbAmPdIm0N8uKyBGt2IX-8_7oGFyagl-ZkdtwD_VPQSIzFeFyGgTcXNXQT7SEbr7Onp_vuWzZqvRV4Xd0JNdWud1uhBZxlzYMurKE8Kugz201Sb3cnR_ge5m-98w5zvxp-44IVCvyIJ0-buduxi7MsHlBEFrfy1QU2GY7KVeCKdDzkOK7KqE1N43dkjS3y7EQzgbHFEXKBzZ82UNyI3RO4MEp9XUoG7fc3496OZA5KJ_VjdwbwpqfL-H7_hzDoIeNm9p1q4K862q6Z7VO0RbM5-yxDwWnlKziN4e6fRPN-j8jU52GdrEBL54-g4Oe36Fa8lu9ukiMgxBMsF8QOmVOWA_edh3bLErmKN5UjEo_BWrEEtaQEy8BveruypwVOWFvxSMduCA3xUXLTMCllCneMsPYcSvw-YZq83U5P3-okU0yNu0mSkuVFMoZyHv7afyHDA9BTGLNlcsyVwVC1YVWjttbGQJmcJjYAoQdPPS8rc6TKzBqMpaYlVYdJD_N1iRjlIan7GDYGg7qqtAzwjLOT7bJsh5njGD3YQt9Xb4H-GcKrW0CZl763pZ7xKiAsskCJVjDYPAw=w1248-h908-no

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