Okay, before I start posting some of my really long and complex past project threads, I thought I'd do another short quickie. This one's from about two or three years ago, so much more recent than that fally I just posted. HFRO is still one of my all-time favorite action dramas, and I had always wanted to do a 1/6 Marko Ramius.

"...My officers and I request asylum in the United States of America."

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More pics under better lighting to show details:

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Headsculpt and body: COO, from the Teutonic Knight set
Tunic: Toys City school uniform set
Pants: Dragon K-19 set
Shirt: DiD (don't remember which, one of the white collarless ones)
Shoes: DiD (don't remember which)
Shoulder boards, chest ribbons, gold buttons, star and bars on sleeves: K-19 set
Peaked cap: ITPT black SS, with Dragon German chin cords (painted gold) and K-19 cap badge
Medals on right breast and wreath insignia on cap: scratch-made by me (talk about eye strain!)

I managed to pick up the Dragon K-19 set for a decent price on ebay a while ago, and I always had wanted to use it on a Marko Ramius figure. That set's uniform is totally wrong for Ramius, though, but the overcoat and fur hat works. Then the COO Teutonic knight came out with a decent Connery sculpt, so I got that. And finally someone on this board [OSW] in another thread mentioned the Toys City school uniform as a good match for Ramius' uniform, so I purchased that as well and pretty much had all my parts to get started, minus shirt and shoes which weren't too hard to find.

I took whatever insignia I could use from the K-19 set, including those nice gold buttons. Cutting off the stars and bars from the sleeves meant destroying that tunic, however, so I was committed. I had to modify the bars by reducing the number from four to three and also painting in the gaps with gold paint to better represent Ramius' markings. Shoulder boards are modified with one gold stripe painted out and one star added to the existing two (from the extra shoulder boards on the overcoat). Unfortunately the medals on the K-19 tunic were just stickers and not realistic at all, so I redrew and cut them out of styrene and painted them and coated them with Future (fortunately I had a little gold star left over from the shoulder boards I could use on the diamond shaped medal).

The tunic is a very close match in cut and shape, except for lacking the breast patch pockets. I didn't end up trying to make those because a) I didn't have any matching material to make them out of b) I was lazy and c) you can barely see it in pics because of the black uniform. The material by the way is very fine and smooth and the tailoring is really sharp with nice padded shoulders and fully lined. However the pants were very modern and skinny, which would have looked wrong for the mid 80s uniform look so I used the K-19 pants. The material doesn't quite match but the black color hides it well.

I like how the cap turned out even if it's oversized and not the perfect shape. The black SS cap had the correct white piping (the one on the bottom was painted out), and when you add the gold insignia and details and also a styrene stiffener in the crown it looks okay. (cutting out those little wreaths and scribing them really tested my patience!) Good enough for a prop accessory. Ramius never wears his cap during the movieā€”the only scene where he has it is pictured above when he meets Jack Ryan and Capt. Mancuso for the first time.

The headsculpt needs a little work to better look like Connery in the film. It's not a perfect resemblance but not bad IMO. I repainted the beard and hair and eyebrows and lowered the hairline just a bit. What I should have done was also resculpted more hair around the widow's peak, but I was lazy and just wanted to try it with paint. The skin tone is lightened with some airbrush work as well. Here's a before pic, courtesy of Rattlesnake Toys, from whom I bought an extra sculpt as insurance and to practice on.
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At the end of it all I had a spare head, extra pants, overcoat, and fur hat, so all I needed was another pair of shoes, a scarf and some gloved hands to represent Ramius when he stands on the bridge in that iconic opening scene.
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I added binoculars to give him something to hold, even though he's just holding on to the edge while Borodin scans the horizon with his binoculars. You'll notice how tan his skin is (I didn't do any airbrush work on this one) and that my beard/hair repaint was not quite as finished, since this was the "practice head." BTW I only have one of those cap badges, so it's attached by Blu-tack to the peaked cap in case I want to put it back on the fur hat.

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