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Shazzdan drew our attention to a very affordable little football/soccer table game on eBay in the Useful Items thread. I follow up on it with an actual mini review, as mine arrived a couple of days ago.

First off, the item is indeed about the right size for 1/6-scale figures (I used a couple of quick TBLeague M33-based kitbashes), so you can put it to good use in casual or everyday dioramas. No, you don't have to get it -- I was just being silly...

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The product is about 17 cm (6.75 inches) long, 9.75 cm (3.75 inches) wide, and 2.75 cm (1 inch) tall (including its little legs). To have characters play it in the traditional manner, you would want to elevate it to an appropriate height. The easiest solution is to place it on another 1/6 table (or other type of suitable furniture/container), like the wooden military table I used, which was about 12 cm (4.75 inches) tall.

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Everything seems scaled about right, including the handles, which fit relatively easily into most "holding grip" hands. The little metal ball is drawn to either the center or to the goal posts, and by some magical design (I looked for but couldn't find evidence of magnets) once the ball gets into the goal, it gets gently stuck there. To unstuck it, press down gently onto the field surface, and the ball becomes loose again.

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The product is light but reasonably sturdy, and except for the little ball, you're not likely to misplace or loose anything. All in all, it is a simple, unpretentious, and very affordable piece, which works very well in 1/6 scale.

If you want one, it is probably easiest to find one on eBay. I got mine from eBay seller happyvalley009 for $3.02 (USD) without any issues.

What do you think?

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To answer a question on the old forum as to whether TBLeague M33 bodies would work well with 1/6 suits, I did some experimenting (I didn't recall actually stuffing an M33 into a whole suit before) and here are the results. Because the user asking the question intends to use this for a Tom Chandler character, I used the appropriate Eric Dane head sculpt which I had picked up together with a few other pieces of the DAM Toys set. The suit I used is the POP Toys X22-B (Men's striped suit BLUE).

As I expected, the suit is a very tight fit, although with patience and perseverance one could achieve a very decent result (I might have, had I not run out of both); the naval uniform was easier to put on, in part because it was somewhat stretchy. The tight fit on the suit gets in the way of articulation a bit, and I would have used a jointed body (like DAM's) myself, since no joints really show in either look, apart from that between the head and neck. Speaking of which, the TBLeague male suntan body is a tad darker in skin tone than the DAM Eric Dane head sculpt, although the difference is not insurmountably big. Some of the footwear with suit sets does not work with TBLeague ankle pegs/ball joints (had I first tried some Toys City shoes, unsuccessfully), but the one that came with the POP Toys set did work very well.

Hope this is of some use.

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