Since the subjects of different body types, heights, care, precautions, etc. keep coming up when it comes to TBLeague's (previously Phicen's) super-flexible seamless bodies with steel internal skeletons, and since the information provided is scattered across a dozen topics in various states of completeness or relevance, I decided to start a thread that tries to assemble everything we need to know as a central area of reference for these bodies.

The plan is to start with a basic image guide (arranged alphabetically by model name/number), accompanied with basic info and links to reviews or other posts, then follow with some basic information as to care, clothing, etc.

I'm starting with items from my collection, but I certainly do not own every body type, so I'm inviting those of you who have versions I'm missing to submit similar images for inclusion -- of course you will be credited accordingly. Please submit such images, information, or suggestions below.


Part I: Male Bodies (Post 2 below)
Part II: Female Bodies (Post 3 below)
Part III: Skintone (Post 4 below)
Part IV: Body Type (Post 5 below)
Part V: Care and Maintenance (Post 6 below)
Part VI: Clothing (Post 7 below)
Part VII: Customizing (Post 8 below)

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