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TBLeague (formerly Phicen) has recently released its second 1/12 scale female seamless body (that is not part of a boxed set per se), and made it available in pale (T03A) and suntan (T03B) versions. The present review is focused on T03B, with a partial comparison to the previously released T01B. I've already reviewed the male figures HERE.

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Packaging - 4/4 stars
Something I really liked about TBLeague's 1/12 figure packaging is how compact it was, in relatively small and sturdy plastic boxes with foam sheets to secure everything inside. This is still the case, except that the box is significantly larger than those that came with their previous 1/12 bodies. This is due mostly to the inclusion of additional items, most notably the base/stand, although I wonder whether a more compact package might not have been attainable. Still, the box and its several layers of foam keep everything snug and collector friendly. The instruction/warning sheet ("introduction") is located all the way at the bottom, beneath the last layer of foam.

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Sculpting - 4/4 stars
T03B (and its paler counterpart T03A) stands just over 5.5 in (14 cm) tall, which is a little bit shorter than its predecessor T01B, which was about 5.75 in (15 cm) tall. T03B sports a more curvaceous body type and generally looks even better proportioned than its predecessor. The sculpting is very good and precise, something remarkably given the scale and silicone material. The same is true for the head sculpt, which looks much better than the rather bland and anime sculpt that came with T01B -- or it would, if had been professionally painted, but more on that below.

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Paint - 1/4 stars
The silicone body and the harder plastic hands and feet, as well as the head sculpt, are given an even female suntan color. This is very good in itself, and as usual notably lighter than the male suntan (compare T03B to TM01A and TM02A). If there is any special coloring on the nipples and "secret woman parts," it is so subtle that I'm not sure I can really tell it is there. But what really hurts this category is the unpainted head sculpt. If they are going to include a head sculpt (and reflect that in the pricing), they ought to paint it, as they have done beautifully before for their boxed sets (I'm using one of them for the T01B body, but even the bland anime head that came with was given a nicely executed precise paint job). Paint a 1/6-scale head well is challenge enough, but doing that to a 1/12-head is almost a cruel joke. I can't claim to have done very well with it, but it gets the job done and is reversible (I didn't seal the acrylics and can easily scrape them off and start again). There are a couple of silver linings -- the basic color of the harder plastic head (and hair pieces) matches the body and the hands and feet, so you do not have to worry about matching the skin tone; and the hair pieces come off, allowing you to paint them thoroughly, and to expose the face completely so that you could paint it more easily (in relative terms).

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Articulation - 3/4 stars
Like its predecessor and its male counterparts, T03B is remarkably well articulated for its size, but less well articulated than its 1/6-scale counterparts. That is not surprising in itself, but it can be disappointing, especially in relation to the apparent inability to achieve normal inwards motion with the lower arms. The instruction sheet claims otherwise, and you can get part way there by adjusting the arms from the shoulders, but it is not quite as effective. This is an issue with all TBLeague 1/12-scale bodies. Part of the answer may be provided by the diagram included in the "introduction" (instructions/warning) sheet, which shows that the body's active joints (in fact it makes me wonder whether there is a full stainless steel skeleton in there). You can see it in the photo under the "Things to watch out for" category.

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Accessories - 3/4 stars
T03B comes with pairs of relaxed hands and flat feet attached, plus knife grip and pistol grip hands, as well as heel feet for swapping. Why there isn't a pair of first I don't know. There is also a stand, which constitutes a fine but pretty plain metal (?) circular base to which you can attach an adjustable bendable segmented rod with an adjustable clamp at the end. It is nice, but you can usually get the figure to stand on its own without too much trouble.

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Outfit - 3/4 stars
This is a basic body and the inclusion of any outfit should be considered an option, a bonus of sorts. And so it is, but perhaps because of the greater scarcity of 1/12-scale garments that might fit, TBLeague has included at least some minimal clothing for all its 1/12-scale bodies so far. This is no exception, but whereas earlier sets included clothing made of cloth, T03B comes with clothing made of soft, stretchy plastic. This includes a two-piece bathing suit (red in this set, yellow with the pale T03A set), with matching wrist and ankle bands (which would help hide the joints between the seamless body and the removable hands and feet, but generally look a little silly). I'm not sure I'm loving this choice, but the pieces definitely look better cut and tailored than the cloth garments that came with T01B.

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Fun Factor - 3/4 stars
With another female and two male seamless bodies in this scale already out there, the new release by TBLeague has natural playmates for your shelf or scene. The unpainted head sculpt and slightly restricted articulation (lower arms) are annoyances, but this is still a good figure that lends itself to customization -- you might have plans to use another head anyway. Finding clothing (especially clothing that will fit well) in this scale would be a bigger challenge than in 1/6 scale, and to some extent the same may be true for accessories and diorama pieces.

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Value - 2/4 stars
Retailing at about $40 (USD), this is not a cheap base body, but then again it is seamless, very poseable, and has at least basic clothing (even if made of stretchy plastic), as well as a stand. Yet, we paid the same price for its predecessors, and although they did not come with a stand, they had finely painted head sculpts (whether we liked them or not) and actual cloth for the items of clothing. I don't know about you, but I would have preferred that over the stand.

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Things to watch out for
Not a whole lot. Do heat up the hands and feet before swapping, and take care to not overstretch or twist the thinner parts of the stretchy plastic outfit. It might not snap very easily, but it might stretch out of shape and look off if you overdo it. I would also be careful when trying to achieve inward motion for the lower arms -- avoid forcing it, lest something snaps. Do check out the "introduction" (instruction/warning) leaflet at the very bottom of the box under all the foam layers.

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Overall - 3/4 stars
TBLeague has produced another well articulated and attractive product in this small scale. It is not perfect and not as good as its 1/6-scale counterparts, but it is likely to take care of your seamless needs in 1/12 scale just fine -- for female figures anyway (these are more complete than the male sets). My only real disappointments here are the unpainted head sculpt (which is otherwise very nice) and the continued limited articulation of the lower arms.

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Where to buy?
(NOTE: some of these are currently on Pre-Order)

Big Bad Toy Store for $40 (pale version HERE)

Cotswold Collectibles for $45 (pale version HERE)

Monkey Depot for $45

Timewalker Toys for $44 (pale version HERE)

I hope this has been helpful. What do you think?

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Update: for a comparison to 1:6 figures, see HERE.

Update: for the female figures T01B and T03B, see HERE.

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I suppose it was bound to happen sometime. After it introduced us to its twelfth-scale female seamless bodies (pale T01A and suntan T01B), TBLeague (formerly Phicen) has now released two types of twelfth-scale male seamless bodies. I don't collect that much in this scale, and certainly don't have the interest and means to engage as much in customizing in it as in sixth scale, but I picked up a couple of these bodies all the same: as in the case of the female body, I was curious whether TBLeague can match the considerable degree of excellence it had achieved in sixth-scale in figures two times smaller. As before, the result is impressive but the answer is, unsurprisingly, "not quite."

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Packaging: 4/4 stars
I for one appreciate compact, safe, and stackable packaging, and that is precisely what we get from TBLeague for their twelfth-scale bodies. Each comes in a clear plastic box filled with a white foam trey containing the body and its spare parts and outfit. Unlike the female figures, the top layer, in this instance needlessly obscuring the "sensitive" areas of the body, is here paper, not foam. But everything is safe and collector-friendly.

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Sculpting: 3/4 stars
Sculpting refers to both the head sculpts and the molds of the soft silicone-covered stainless-steel seamless bodies. The fit but relatively slender TM01A ("little bro") stands about 15 cm (5.6 inches) tall, while the fit but bulkier TM02A ("big bro") stands about 16 cm (6.3 inches) tall. The two bodies sport similar but not identical head sculpts that are appropriately sized for their respective body. Some have compared the appearance to a young Sylvester Stallone, but the resemblance is distant enough that this could be mere coincidence. The bodies and heads are sculpted in what appears to be greater detail and realism than the female bodies (T01A and T01B) that preceded them, although the facial features are clean enough to look slightly stylized. It would be perhaps unreasonable to expect better in this scale. The same can be said for the sculpt of the body molds, where the soft material also limits the potential range of detail. Nevertheless, in addition to the various appropriate muscles, you can find plenty of finer veins, and this good level of detail carries over to the harder plastic feet and various hands. Despite all the talk of anatomical correctness, the figures not being sex toys, and prior practice (barring the unfortunate M31), TBLeague omitted to provide the pieces that actually make these bodies male. Whether they would have been particularly useful is beside the point, and their absence impacts both the completeness and the look of the set negatively. For some reason (the sculpt of the feet or is it something in the articulation?) the twelfth-scale figures do not balance as easily and as well as their sixth-scale counterparts.

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Paint: 3/4 stars

We need not expect very much from this type of set, going by TBLeague's prior record, apart from consistent paint application and a close (though not always perfect) match between the colors of the silicone body and the harder plastic hands, feet, and (in these sets) head sculpts. The nipples continue to be unpainted, but you can always try to make them a bit more realistic yourself, as desired (oil pastel seems best). The one part or the set where there is anything like a more complex paint job is the head sculpt. It would be unreasonable to expect the degree of realism we find in better sixth-scale head sculpts on a piece in twelfth-scale, and TBLeague's twelfth-scale female body came with a disappointingly bland and anime-like head. With the male bodies we get a little more realism than that. The paint application seems pretty clean -- which is generally a good thing in itself, although in this instance it does not really improve the realism of the appearance. Note, for example, the patterned paint application on the eyebrows -- which is of course far less apparent (if at all) in hand. Some other companies, like Hasbro, have begun to experiment with technology which, while utilizing a less clean paint application, has resulted in some more realistic results, which might have been nice to see here.

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Articulation: 3/4 stars
Despite the old assumption that seamless bodies sacrifice articulation, TBLeague's sixth-scale stainless-steel silicone-covered seamless bodies are among the best articulated action figure bodies on the market. In principle, this could and should have been carried over to the twelfth-scale, but it is not. Sixth-scale TBLeague bodies boast 28 points of articulation (which appear to be almost as many as one might possibly need); but their twelfth-scale bodies reduce the articulation to 22 points. For the most part it is not quite clear exactly what is being sacrificed, but one definite omission is the ability of the lower arms to swivel inward (or outward) independently of the upper arms/shoulders. To some degree this can be compensated for there, but it remains a limitation and annoyance that gets in the way of the experience. It might be a one-off thing, but the hip and knee joints on the larger body I received were a little looser than expected. It can still stand and pose, but it is loose enough to make me wonder.

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Accessories: 3/4 stars
Technically speaking, the sets don't include any actual accessories like weapons or stands. They do include spare parts, namely three alternative pairs of hands, making a total of four pairs: fists, knife grip, gun grip, and outstretched grasping "I'm gonna get you" hands. What is conspicuous in its absence is a pair of relaxed hands, not to mention bent-toe feet. As noted above, the hands and feet are nicely sculpted and painted to match the silicone body cover very closely.

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Outfit: 3/4 stars
The only outfit we get are simple black trunks. These work reasonably well, though they are quite difficult to get on the bigger of the two bodies. Technically, we don't even need that much, so perhaps this merits a better score. Not that I've ever really used them, but sixth-scale TBLeague bodies used to come with wrist and ankle covers (and their twelfth-scale female bodies did too), and that is not carried over to these sets. What makes the issue a bit more important, is that there seems to be a wide range of sizes for twelfth-scale figures, and many of the outfits you might want to put on these bodies will turn out to be too bulky or too tight to look right or to work at all. A somewhat more extensive outfit set might have gone some way to address this problem. Finding footwear that works reasonably well with the foot pegs appears to be biggest challenge in cobbling together some customs, judging by my ad hoc experiments so far.

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Fun Factor: 3/4 stars
As impressive and "neat" as the recreation of their sixth-scale bodies in a scale twice as small may be, TBLeague's twelfth-scale bodies do not carry quite the same degree of fun factor. To some extent this is inherent (less articulation, less complete sets, smaller size limiting realism), to some extent it is conditioned by external factors (less in the way of accessories, bar those sourced from certain military and superhero lines of toys and/or collectibles). Some of that might change in the future, as twelfth-scale figures are becoming more and more popular, perhaps in part due to the overpricing of sixth-scale ones. Nevertheless, if you get lucky with matching and reasonably fitting head sculpts and clothes, you can probably get plenty of satisfaction from these figures.

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Value: 2/4 stars
Give or take a few US dollars, these sets retail for about $40. That is not exorbitant, especially when compared to high-end Mezco One:12 Collective sets, but of course those sets depict characters from licensed franchises and are loaded with accessories and displays. And $40 is a lot more than what you would pay for other, less high-end but still well-articulated and well-accessoried sets from other licensed franchises, and all that for a base body with great seamless looks but no accessories, or clothing, and some difficulty in adopting the latter from other sets.

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Things to watch out for
Not a whole lot. The heads, hands, and feet are relatively easy to attach and remove, and the articulation is generally cooperative -- just don't force anything. Also make sure you don't loose or misplace some of the tiny hands or other pieces, although the compact boxes are probably convenient enough for the purposes of storage. As noted above, these figures do not seem to be quite as stable and balanced as their sixth-scale counterparts, although they are also less likely to damaged from a fall, except perhaps from a very tall shelf on a very hard surface, if even then. On the other hand, the internal stainless steel skeleton is bound to be more delicate and fragile than the larger ones, so proceed with a modicum of caution.

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Overall: 3/3 stars
Were it not for a few questionable decisions, these could have been great. As it is, they are just good, even if they benefit from novelty value. To fully capitalize on their potential, you have to get lucky with additional items that fit and work with the twelfth-scale seamless bodies, and that is not quite as easy as one might hope. I don't regret getting them, but I don't think they or any other twelfth-scale figures would replace the sixth-scale versions in possibility and quality anytime soon.

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Where to buy
Apart from eBay, the following stores (among others) have them in stock or on pre-order.

Big Bad Toys Store (and for the other body HERE) for $40

Cotswold Collectibles (and for the other body HERE) for $45

Hobby Galaxy for $41

Monkey Depot for $45

Timewalker Toys (and for the other body HERE) for $45

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I hope this has been useful. And, as always, what do you think?

Update: for a comparison to 1:6 figures, see HERE.

Update: for the female figures T01B and T03B, see HERE.

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