The adventures of Dr Jones - Fri May 18, 2018 7:17 am

Stryker2011 wrote:Nice. Some really great forced perspective shots. I really like your recreation of the classroom. Well done.

Thanks a lot! doing the blackboard was a lot of fun, back to school feeling, I had to buy some chalk lol

ReverendSpooky wrote:Great pics!  I love the perspective on all of these too.  These classroom pics look so good, and that fight scene is a blast!  Made me want to go re-watch all 3 movies.

Thanks mate! that classroom shooting is a bit of a mix between the two classroom scenes that occurs in raiders of the lost ark (only writing "facts" on the blackboard), and the one in the last crusade with the tomb layout n his hesitation moment spelling "neolithic"...

dadrab wrote:Man, that looks like all kinds of fun.
Damn well done, too. I really enjoyed those. Thank you, sir.

Thanks! I'm glad you always mention the fun aspect of my lil "sessions" cause it's really the core, I might not always get good result in final images, but when I unbox my figures, the only purpose is having fun, sandbox style lol

scalawag wrote:I love this film, and this captures it perfectly.  Thanks for posting.

In July I am going to "an afternoon with Robert Watts" who was an Executive Producer on Raiders, as well as all 3 of the original Star Wars movies.  Should be a great afternoon.


Thanks a lot! I hope you'll give us some feedback about this insane afternoon you're gonna have! Starwars and indiana jones are such pillars of our popculture! give us some news about it please!

GubernatorFan wrote:Beautiful customs and photography. What specific iteration of Indiana Jones is this? I had one (from Sideshow?) that I gave to a friend after getting the HT Deluxe years ago, but haven't really done too much with either one. But I realize there have been a several versions from several companies.

Thanks bro! it's the hot toys DX version, coming with the egyptian alternative outfit. The likeness is not good under all angles but it's definitely not as bad as what I read on the web about it, people rely way too much on crappy pictures. The PERS system for the eyes is an awesome feature that offers a lot of potential of posing and expressions, I wish hot toys gets back to it for all their figures...

Rogerbee wrote:

That sculpt does looks better when he's in Prof mode. Interesting choice of Stone Cold to stand in for Pat Roach. Nobody I know of did a decent sculpt that looks like that character though.


Thanks! In fact I think the casted shadow from his hat doesn't help getting a sparkle of life in his eyes except with specific lighting and poses, which makes him much more interesting once the hat is off. I still regret that I didn't buy the "treasure hunter" headsculpt which was a very solid alternative, what is missing on hot toys headsculpt is the signature grin of Harrison Ford, which they finally captured on their han solo disguised in stormtrooper.

I would love to have a pat roach headsculpt, just as "andre the giant" and a few wrestlers from the past... Phicen could easily provide that with their naked bodies like Kaustik once did...

Lil update, most of you guys have seen these shots already, but to carry on with dr Jones adventures... Some classic sequences from "The Last Crusade"

Lord Mac Donald and his charming assistant are here to see the tapestries!

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Don't call me Junior!

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Son, the floor is on fire. And the chair...

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